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Food! Food!! Food for thought! Always nice to learn something so useful. Nive way to teach too when it is as funny as doing it using this amazing tool which borrows pictures from Flickr and  allows users to input sentences, phrases or even entire paragraphs and then turn them into illustrated slide shows .
Why don’t you try your own images and share them? Have a look at what I’ve done.
Ways of cooking
Kitchen equipment
What’s the difference between Sour and Bitter?
1.Take a drink of Vinegar : This would be sour or so considered to be.
2.Take a bite of Real pure dark chocolate: This would considered bitter
1.A Grannysmith green cooking apple would be sour
2.Coffee without sugar or cream would be bitter
Sour lemons and limes, or unripe fruit before it becomes sweet.

Enjoy your meal!!

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