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So, let´s imagine that lately  you ’ve been having some problems with understanding listening comprehension and all of a sudden ,you realize it’s May and you’re taking your listening test in about a week or so. In that case, there are so many good websites I would recommend that I could  keep you busy for  the whole year. Today ,let me show you something that I bumped into quite by chance.
It’s a place  where you can find subtitled  videos and  what’s more, you can even request for some videos to be subtitled too.  This place is called  SubPLY .
As we are learning about food and cooking I tried  searching the site by writing the word “food” and I found quite some interesting videos where you can revise vocab.
Why don’t you try it and let me know what you think? Now, click on the image and it’ll link you to their website and ,from then on, you can do your own search.
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