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A new way to meet your Mr or Miss Right

Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under Students' Corner
Sent by Estela Alvarez, a fourth year student. 
A long time ago single women who had a romantic meeting always went with a chaperone who kept an eye on the couple, whereas nowadays people can flirt from their personal computer while they are surfing the  Internet because there are websites where they chat possible partners up. It seems incredible, but there are people who go out with someone without having ever seen them .
Certainly, we live in a stressful world and some people are too busy to look for love. As a result, new ways of meeting the person of your dreams are coming along. Actually, travel agencies arrange special trips only for single people and TV programmes organize blind dates for their contestants. But one of the most original systems to meet your Mr or Miss Right is a speed date, which is becoming more and more popular in different countries, especially among young people.
It consists of a group of people, where there is the same number of men and women, who are gathered together in a room where they have a few minutes to find out as much information as they can about each other in order to see if some of them is their perfect soul mate. At a speed date a person talks one to one to a member of the opposite sex during a while and as soon as a bell rings the participants have to move on to the next person and then, they start a conversation again. At the end of the event they submit to the organizers a list with people they fancy and they would like to see again because they believe they could be compatible. If the other person also feels the same attraction the organizers will get them in touch .
 In Spain a sort of “speed date” is becoming fashionable between university students, although this way to meet a possible pick-up is slightly different. It is called «traffic lights party» and it is usually celebrated in discos. It consists of wearing a sticker with the shape of a traffic light in the lapel and the colours of the signal have different meanings, so if you are wearing the green light switched on, it means you are not engaged; the yellow light means you are single but you are not especially interested in meeting anybody; and the red colour means you already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  Funny , isn’t it?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under Students' Corner
This review has been sent by Irene Miguez Garcia, 2º Basic Level
Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland” is a book written by Lewis Carroll, who was born in 1832 and was the third child in a family of eleven children.
It’s a fantasy story which takes place in the country while two sisters were sitting under the trees on a sunny day. One of them, called Alice  was too tired and sleepy while the other one was reading a book. Alice fell asleep and the story started. The book tells strange and stupid things about strange people too, in a country where everybody was mad. In Wonderland there were a lot of strange people, for example the Cheshire cat, which was always grinning and vanishing every second, the Hatter and March Hare who were always drinking tea in a boring party, a White rabbit who was always worried about the time and the mad Queen, the Duchess, a pack of cards and a Queen of hearts who wanted to cut everybody’s head.
Alice lives unbelievable adventures that she couldn’t understand, like ” The Croquet game”, where the balls were hedgehogs and the mallets flamingos, she suffered many changes too, getting taller and smaller when she ate or drank  some things, she was in a trial only with animals, etc.
At the end when she was feeling afraid, sad, unhappy and worried, she woke up, it just was a stupid dream.
I think the book was a little bit difficult and it wasn’t because of the language, but it was difficult for me because it’s all nonsense! And I thought I was always lost while I was reading it.
I didn’t like it so much, maybe because it’s a story for little children and it’s a little childish , although I think it’s  quite difficult to read for them, so If I were a little child I wouldn’t choose this one, although the title sounds fabulous!   
Kindly sent by Estela Alvarez , a fourth-year student at the EOI 
Humanity has achieved amazing exploits for thousands  of years. For example, the control of fire and the invention of the wheel in the primitive communities or the sophisticated trips to the outer space nowadays. But if I have to choose one of the most outstanding achievements of mankind, it’ll the Pyramids of Egypt. I find them absolutely fascinating because they are still surrounded by mistery in spite of their age. Actually, nobody knows exactly how these extraordinary structures were built. Although it is thought that ramps, levers and pulleys could have been used to move the huge stone blocks which pyramids were made of, the fact is that archaeologists, engineers and other experts don’t fully agree  about the way they were constructed.
What I find particularly impressive is the perfect geometry on their slants. Moreover, the pyramids face towards specific stars, so it is a proof of the vast knowledge of Astronomy the ancient Egyptian civilization had. There are people who think that this famous monument is a vestige of an alien colony in the Earth built by creatures from another planet. I respect the beliefs each person has, but from my point of view, these people have seen the film «Stargate»far too many times. Anyway, I’m a bit more agnostic and I agree with the scientific research which has shown the pyramids were simply tombs of pharaohs.
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I didn´t know  Mika, nor this song, despite the fact that this is a romantic song and the more I listen to it the more I like it. Mika is a quick-changing  singer and I reckon he would be the new Freddie Mercury who is believed to have been a sing start? in the past and nowadays, once he is dead, he is too, therefore I must assume  he must be so  in the future. (lyrics show must go on, video show must go on)
Another group like “Queen”  would be U2 with his singer named “Bono” (video-with or without you, lyrics with or without you), those groups have been trendy  in the past, nowadays and probably in the future. U2 have protest songs probably because of their nationality, they are from Ireland, where the conflict between IRA and England Government is latent. Their music and their lyrics improve in their concerts, once we can see their  concert  strength it´s unforgettable, they have a powerful sound that can surround us and a shiver can run down our spine (new year´s day). If someone can go to a U2´s concert, please don’t doubt, it´s always a good choice.
Another great pop singer is Robbie Williams (video feel-robbie, lyrics fell),I believe  he must be mad, it is said that some geniuses have been a little crazy like him; probably drugs are wrecking his life. Although he is a great singer he ought to work hard to be an upper-class. He might become a sing star like Freddie Mercury but this is very difficult, watch this: (video barcelona)… behind Montserrat Caballe, it is so amazing.
On the other hand,  there are many singers on top of the list s nowadays but I don´t know whether they’ll be in the future. For example Rihanna (video hate that i love you lyrics hate that i love you), a cute black woman  and “No doubt” with their blonde soft rock singer (video don´t speak lyrics don´t speak).
But I don´t want to finish without speaking about Duffy, a pretty blonde singer who has a special voice which can take us  our thoughts, and remind us of  the lost American soul. I think she is a link between the past and the present and she is a flattering to our ears. (video mercy)
Sent by Manuel Torga, 4th year student


Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under General, Students' Corner
Written by Sandra Garcia Corte , 4º year 
To start with, I have to tell you that I have been to many weddings in my life since I was a little child. This is because my mother has a lot of first cousins. In fact, they can be more than 20 ! 
Anyway, despite me having gone to so many weddings, I just really enjoyed my self in the first one.
 I was with my aunt in my grandma’s house one day, when the door bell rang. It was my aunt’s boyfriend wanting to tell her something extremely important… As everyone was expecting (except my aunt) he showed her a beautiful golden engagement ring !  Of course, she said Yes !
 The wedding took place three months later. (I was six years old). It was on the 4th of February and to  everyone’s surprise  it had snowed a lot the week before. Fortunately, that Saturday, the sun was shining.
The groom arrived before the bride. He was wearing tails and my mother was with him because she was the maid of honour. Half an hour later, the bride arrived. She looked gorgeous with her beautiful white dress and veil covering her face. I was one of the bridesmaid and my cousins were page boys.
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At a Hospital

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Last Saturday a friend of mine was badly injured in a car crash because he was under the alcohol effects. Fortunately, the accident was near Villa so the paramedics could get there before it was too late. They examined him and realised that besides suffering from shock, he could barely  breathe and there was blood everywhere. They rushed him to hospital and as soon as he arrived he was taken to the operating theatre to have an operation. His lungs were quite damaged but during the operation the doctors realised that his stomach was injured as well. Eventually it turned out worse than the surgeons expected so the operation lasted quite a bit more.
         After having been operated he was taken to intensive care and the nurses gave him an injection to avoid him the pains. Unfortunately his condition deteriorated overnight: he began to throw up, had a temperature… but it was all because of a virus so the doctors prescribed him some painkillers and antibiotics. After having healed the virus, the doctors discharged  him from hospital and gave him some advice as having a healthy diet (because of the virus), giving up smoking (because of the lungs injury) and keep away from the alcohol for a couple of months because he could be hooked on it.
         Nowadays he has scars because of the stitches he needed and is walking on crutches until the twist ankle gets better, if it doesn’t, he might need surgery. Moreover he has got rid of all the alcohol he had at home.
This essay has been sent by Estela Ramon García, 4º year


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This article has been sent by Estela Álvarez Cortina. Level: Advanced 

Technological development has changed our lives and mobile phones are a good example to realize how they have already become a part of our daily routines.

The first mobile phones were only  used  by business people who were working for important multinational companies and travelled a lot. However, it seems that everybody has a mobile phone nowadays. Read the rest of this entry »


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This description has been sent by Irene Miguez Garcia , a student from 2ºNB
In the picture I can see a few children.
They are very young, I think they are between 5 and 10 .
Some of them are naked, without any clothes or shoes, without anything, and the rest are wearing old, small ,ragged clothes, for example, the little child who is in the background  is wearing a dirty white shirt, and the boy who is on the left is wearing black shorts and a dirty  white shirt too. The couple of children who are on the right are wearing something similar to pyjamas.
They both look sad, nervous, scared.. They are in a war, so I think it`s something normal. They are shouting, crying, they are running away from an explosion, and there are 4 soldiers behind them. The girl who is in the middle has  her body burned, I know it because my mother has told me things about this picture, and in her face we can see all the suffering she is feeling.
The picture was made during  the Vietnam war, between 1958 and  1975.It was one of the worst wars in the world.
A famous singer called PINK, from Vietnam has written a song about the Vietnam war, she felt all the fear of the war when she was a child, and this is the  chorus of her song:
“This is my Vietnam
I’m at war
Life keeps on dropping bombs
And I keep score”
She tried to show all the pain that she felt with this song, called ” My Vietnam”.
This picture makes  me feel sad, because when I see pictures like this one I know I`m really lucky to be here, in my country, with a family who can give me food, a place where we can sleep and live well,  a family who give me love, and that`s the most important thing.
It was one of the most brutal wars which put an end to lots of lives, a war where  the weakest people are always the losers.

A firefighter

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This description has been sent by Juan Carlos Perez Corsino, student from 2º NB.
In this photo I can see a man, I think he looks about thirty-five. I can’t see his hair because he is wearing a helmet to protect his head. He is wearing a firefighter uniform which is  black and  has long sleeves with yellow stripes. He is also wearing black gloves and has a radio around his waist, perhaps to talk to his  colleagues. He looks worried and tired. He might be  working, because behind him  there is a building  destroyed by the  fire. He is holding a brown cat;  I think he has  rescued it from  the fire.I think this work is very dangerous and hard, but it is very important too, and you must feel a very  important person when you have  rescued  other people.
Do you think you can improve this description in some way? Please, feel free to do so by sending a comment.
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