23 10 2010


21 10 2010

 Here you have a monolingual dictionary I have just tested. It is quite interesting, not only because you can look up for the meaning of a word but it also gives you the possibility of checking legal, medical or financial terms. It is also a thesaurus which means that it lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms). Hope it’ll be useful!!!


3 09 2010

I don’t know why but youtube has a new policy by which  some videos are not allowed to be embeded in any other place except youtube. I could find, however, after much researching one of my favourite songs. It is played by R.E.M. You can watch the video, if you are interested you have to look for it on youtube; but this new way allows you to listen to the song while you read the lyrics.


3 09 2010

It’s been ages since my last post that’s the problem of being on holiday. Anyway, I’m here again and this time I offer you a video about some basic phrasal verbs. I know they are difficult but I hope this lesson will help you. Have fun!!


22 04 2010

Sometimes we forget about the basic vocabulary in English, for example vegetables. I’m almost sure that you know the typical vocabulary like lettuce, pepper, potato, but what happens to those no  so common words? Here you can watch a video with the correct pronunciation of those useful but forgotten vegetables.


21 04 2010

 At the place where I’m working at the moment it’s taking place the cultural week of the year dealing with astronomy. I found it quite easy to introduce my students to this topic in English, discovering that it foster them more than I had thought at the beginning. That’s why I will like to share my experience, moreover, the websites I’m going to propose are opened to anyone who feel interest about the theme or who just want to gossip. There is a very useful web where kids can learn about astronomy, it’s quite funny and easy to use, kidsastronomy,but what I like most about the web is its part related to the solar system. And in the British Council web under the topic of space, you can find lost of activities, as well as podcast for practising your understanding.


17 03 2010

Lately, in one of my English classes I have found that some of my children have problems when deciding if the “-’s” is a possessive or a contracted form. The explanation is very easy:

-if you can replace “-’s” by is, has, it means that it is a contracted form,

My mother’s a nurse

My mother’s got a dog

There are also other verbal contracted forms: I will= I’ll; I would= I’d

-if there is no replacement by a verb, it is a possessive contracted form,

The world’s ozone layer

My mother’s car

My  cousin’s (possessive) name’s (contracted form) Ana


17 03 2010

You can try this exercise, it is a new way of learning grammar, focused on prepositions and synonyms. Have fun!!!

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7


17 03 2010

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7


15 03 2010

Continue practising your English while discovering new songs.

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