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The meaning of trees in Celtic culture.

Publicado en Queremos saber por mangelva 1:12 pm Jueves, 19 Mayo 2011

The holly.Asturias shares many cultural affinities with Ireland, Scotland, Bretain, Galicia etc. due to its celtic origins.

Ancient celts believed trees were a source of great wisdom that could link the upper and lower worlds and bring blessings from gods. Trees were sacred symbols in all celtic tribes because:

  • They provide food for people and animals.
  • They give us healing medical extracts.
  • Their wood provides materials to build shelter and fire for meals, warming our bodies…
  • They were “messengers to the gods” .

The yew is the main sacred mythological tree. It represents a strong feeling of belonging to the land, the ancient religion and the ancestors. It also means death and shadows, that is the reason why it can be found near cementeries and churches.

The oak means justice and truth. In celtic mythology it is the tree of doors, believed to be a gateway between worlds.

Therefore, as we can see, forests in celtic culture are not just the green cover we need to make the earth look beautiful; without them life on Earth would be intolerable.


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