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Teacher’s day

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Today is teacher’s day in Spain but in other countries this day is celebrated at different dates. Click on the link below to learn more.


And this is a little joke


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Every bite we take

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Look and read below. Then complete the activities.


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- Complete the chart with the types of food that appear in the poster.















- Add more examples you remember.


- Prepare a healthy menu using the ingredients in the poster. The menu must include : first and second course, side dish, dessert  and drinks.

Remember: you are what you eat.

About flowers

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Take a close look at the poster. Then answer the questions below.


- What is your favourite flower?

- Mention other three flowers not present in the poster:

- Which are their Spanish equivalent terms?

- Which of them would you include in a bouquet or bunch?

- Which of them would you plant in your house or garden? Give reasons

- Which other produce or things would your garden include? Give reasons

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Fear, fail, end, no, growth and destruction

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Read the witty jests below. Then choose the best and explain why.


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Source: English is Fun


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Happy Halloween with cemeteries

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They have to do with the dead and gone. Click below to learn more.


Ten (fun) facts

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Read the facts below and test them personally. How many of them apply to you or are true?


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Enevoldsen’s table

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Click below to have a look at a very special web page and interact with it. That is how chemistry shows itself.


A quote by Albert Camus

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This is a good way to start a new school year and keep good company.


Behind time

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Look at the watch below. What does it show? What does it mean?


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Apps’ abbreviations

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These refer to two social networking apps. To learn more, read below.