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Day of Asturias and Extremadura

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Both autonomous communities in Spain celebrate this date.


(Image from http://www.officeholidays.com/countries/spain/regional.php?list_year=2017&list_region=asturias)


(Image from http://www.officeholidays.com/countries/spain/regional.php?2017&list_region=extremadura)

If you want to know more about them, click on the link below.


For those of you who have read both web pages, would you be able to answer the following questions?

What do both days commemorate?

When was this public holiday first observed?

Which religious symbols are mentioned ineach community?

Which local events are held?

Which is my autonomous community?

Now, for those who have been able to answer correctly the questions, WELL DONE! The rest, you can do it as well.

All good things

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Summer holidays are over and -as the saying goes- all good things come to an end. Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on the important things in life. This is also the title of a song by a Canadian singer, which you can listen to if you click on the link below.


An American comedian dies

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Jerry Lewis, the slapstick comedian, innovative filmmaker and fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, died last Sunday. He was 91.

Rest in peace.

Below I leave a video link as a tribute:


Another terrorist attack

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Another terrorist attack against a European country, this time Barcelona. One more example of religious fanatics’ revenge. Words simply fail me.



In my opinion the song from the video link below may express what is happening to them and us.

A simple act

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The celebrity’s image below offers us some food for thought.


Why do we love?

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 If you want to find an answer to this question, click on the link below.



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If you like art, click on the link below.


This teacher

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Hey all of you out there, the school year is over and I want you to know that…



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To learn about different subjects’ contents, click on the link below.



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If you can afford, enjoy a bowl of strawberries and cream while you discover the history of the Wimbledon tennis tournaments on the link below.