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Most journalists…

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Click on the link below to watch, listen and read. Then complete the tasks.


Source: BrightVibes

Tasks. Circle the correct option:

1.- The message most journalists want to give is …

a) no news is bad news.

b) no news is good news.

2.- Charles Groenhuijsen has been a journalists for…

a) over 40 years.

b) over 50 years.

3.- Charles compares journalism with…

a) a mirror.

b) with a mirror and sometimes with raising children.

 4.- The difference between Charles and a lot of his colleagues is that…

a) his colleagues only amplify the bad and he amplifies the good but doesn’t forget the bad.

b) his colleagues amplify the bad stuff and he only amplifies the good stuff.

 5.- Charles Groenhuijsen thinks journalists can help make a better world…

a) by choosing a more constructive way to show the world issues and the news.

 b) by choosing to show negative news and the bad side of the world issues.


New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world

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Click on the link below and enjoy the pics.


I like you… I love you…

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Today is the last school day of 2019. This is also the last task. Take a look at the extract below if you want to know the difference. I hope you all enjoy the Christmas hols.


Source: Education Inspire Change

Silent consonants

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Look at the list of words below and practice their pronunciation.


Source: English is Fun

Commonly mispronounced words

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Take a look at the list below to check and correct those words’ pronunciation.


 Source: English is Fun

Now be honest…

- How many of them did you pronounce correctly?

- You know the meaning of how many of them?

Everybody, anybody, somebody, nobody

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Read the extract below and then answer the questions.


Source: Education Inspire Change


- Did they do the job in the end? Why?

- Where is the problem?

-  What solution can you propose?

- How can we use “anybody” and “nobody”?

Teacher’s day

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Today is teacher’s day in Spain but in other countries this day is celebrated at different dates. Click on the link below to learn more.


And this is a little joke


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Every bite we take

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Look and read below. Then complete the activities.


Source: Education Inspire Change

- Complete the chart with the types of food that appear in the poster.















- Add more examples you remember.


- Prepare a healthy menu using the ingredients in the poster. The menu must include : first and second course, side dish, dessert  and drinks.

Remember: you are what you eat.

About flowers

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Take a close look at the poster. Then answer the questions below.


- What is your favourite flower?

- Mention other three flowers not present in the poster:

- Which are their Spanish equivalent terms?

- Which of them would you include in a bouquet or bunch?

- Which of them would you plant in your house or garden? Give reasons

- Which other produce or things would your garden include? Give reasons

Source: http://www.languagelearningbase.com

Growth, destruction and new meanings for known acronyms

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Read the witty jests below. Then choose the best and explain why.


Source: English is Fun


Source: English is Fun


Source: Education Inspire Change