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Most journalists…

Publicado en 2º Ciclo/2nd Cycle, BACHILLERATO/PSE — 9 Enero 2020 @ 18:41

Click on the link below to watch, listen and read. Then complete the tasks.


Source: BrightVibes

Tasks. Circle the correct option:

1.- The message most journalists want to give is …

a) no news is bad news.

b) no news is good news.

2.- Charles Groenhuijsen has been a journalists for…

a) over 40 years.

b) over 50 years.

3.- Charles compares journalism with…

a) a mirror.

b) with a mirror and sometimes with raising children.

 4.- The difference between Charles and a lot of his colleagues is that…

a) his colleagues only amplify the bad and he amplifies the good but doesn’t forget the bad.

b) his colleagues amplify the bad stuff and he only amplifies the good stuff.

 5.- Charles Groenhuijsen thinks journalists can help make a better world…

a) by choosing a more constructive way to show the world issues and the news.

 b) by choosing to show negative news and the bad side of the world issues.


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