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Do you feel anxious about coronavirus? Click on the the link below to learn more

Best online culture for isolation

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Click on the link below if you are interested in attending varied events.

Useful websites for English practice

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Take a look at the pics below. Then you can make your choice and practise English online . Hope you find them useful.

Source: English is Fun

Three types of friends

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Look at the picture below. Then write if you agree or not. Give some reasons.

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Watch (and listen carefully to) the video below. Then look at the list of animal sounds and write as many animals as you can identify and the sounds they do.

All that you need to be happy

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Look at the pic below. Then answer the question: Is that all you need to be happy? If not, write five more things

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The myth behind the Chinese Zodiac

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A myth is a traditional story that humans told in the past to explain natural phenomena, historical events, social customs, etc.
Click on the link to learn more. Hope you enjoy it!
- How many other myths can you mention? Write them down below.

Most journalists…

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Click on the link below to watch, listen and read. Then complete the tasks.
Source: BrightVibes
Tasks. Circle the correct option:

1.- The message most journalists want to give is …
a) no news is bad news.
b) no news is good news.
2.- Charles Groenhuijsen has been a journalists for…
a) over 40 years.
b) over 50 years.
3.- Charles compares […]

Commonly mispronounced words

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Take a look at the list below to check and correct those words’ pronunciation.

 Source: English is Fun
Now be honest…
- How many of them did you pronounce correctly?
- You know the meaning of how many of them?

Everybody, anybody, somebody, nobody

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Read the extract below and then answer the questions.

Source: Education Inspire Change
- Did they do the job in the end? Why?
- Where is the problem?
-  What solution can you propose?
- How can we use “anybody” and “nobody”?