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On the 24th June 1995…

Miércoles, 24 Junio 2020 @ 10:04 am 1ª PÁGINA/FRONTPAGE, 2º Ciclo/2nd Cycle, BACHILLERATO/PSE, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

A rugby game in South Africa for the World Cup. Two teams: Springboks and All Blacks. One black man people called “Madiba”. The end of the apartheid. A film directed by Clint Eastwood released in 2009. Click on the link below if you want to learn more. Then complete the activities.
- Write the name of […]

Spot the difference daily

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 @ 10:44 am 1ª PÁGINA/FRONTPAGE, 1º Ciclo/1st Cycle | No existen comentarios »

Hi there kids! If you click on this link you can play this type game, practise English and check your memory for thing.
The activity  I propose is this:
1. Choose a day for a spot the differences game.
2. Play that game and remember the time you spent to solve it, and as many details in the […]

Three things

Sábado, 18 Abril 2020 @ 11:13 am 1ª PÁGINA/FRONTPAGE, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Read this document below with attention.

Source: English is Fun
Now that you have read it, I must tell  you there are a few mistakes. Can you tell which those are?

About the lockdown

Jueves, 9 Abril 2020 @ 1:54 pm 1ª PÁGINA/FRONTPAGE, 1º Ciclo/1st Cycle, BACHILLERATO/PSE, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Read carefully the sentences of the text below and try to find three mistakes.

Source: English is Fun

Fool’s Day

Miércoles, 1 Abril 2020 @ 10:30 am 2º Ciclo/2nd Cycle, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Look at the pics below and choose the best. Give reasons for your choice.

Source: English is Fun


Martes, 24 Marzo 2020 @ 10:57 am 1ª PÁGINA/FRONTPAGE, BACHILLERATO/PSE, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Take a look at the image below, it is called infographic.

- Can you explain what this is used for?
- Which modal verbs could you use in them?
Source: istock by Getty images

Three types of friends

Jueves, 20 Febrero 2020 @ 6:17 pm 1º Ciclo/1st Cycle, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Look at the picture below. Then write if you agree or not. Give some reasons.

 Source: English is Fun


Jueves, 13 Febrero 2020 @ 10:42 am 1º/1st Year, 2º Ciclo/2nd Cycle, BACHILLERATO/PSE, ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Watch (and listen carefully to) the video below. Then look at the list of animal sounds and write as many animals as you can identify and the sounds they do.

All that you need to be happy

Lunes, 10 Febrero 2020 @ 3:58 pm ESO/CSE | No existen comentarios »

Look at the pic below. Then answer the question: Is that all you need to be happy? If not, write five more things

Source: English is Fun

Most journalists…

Jueves, 9 Enero 2020 @ 6:41 pm 2º Ciclo/2nd Cycle, BACHILLERATO/PSE | No existen comentarios »

Click on the link below to watch, listen and read. Then complete the tasks.
Source: BrightVibes
Tasks. Circle the correct option:

1.- The message most journalists want to give is …
a) no news is bad news.
b) no news is good news.
2.- Charles Groenhuijsen has been a journalists for…
a) over 40 years.
b) over 50 years.
3.- Charles compares […]