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We’ve moved!

We’ve moved

Thank you for visiting and following the ‘World Around Us Speaks English’ Blog. We are very excited because we have moved to a new site. Please take a moment and follow us here:

We hope you’ll have as much fun reading our new blog as you have had reading this old one. Our teachers will update it regularly because we love to share our learning and news. See you over there!

Little Peter dances

We love this song: When Little Peter dances….dances, dances. dances.


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Last week we had a big surprise! Lydia and Esther, year 2B, had been working at home. They made two crafts for our classes using recycled materials.


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World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme.
In our school we decided to sow seeds.

You can read more information about this activity on our Is It Waste or Money Blog

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Ann kristin and the staff

It’s being really interesting sharing our classes with you, Ann. Not only for the pupils, for us the teachers as well. You were our teacher of German…with so difficult pronunciation for us! but we learnt about food, colours, numbers, the time… and most of all we had fun.


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A Turkish exhibition

After the meeting in Turkey, the teachers are back in Lugo and they have prepared an exhibition to show you all the information: students, families and teachers


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Comenius meeting in Turkey

As all of you know, our school is working with our partners from Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom. Last week a group of our teachers were meeting them in Turkey.

They went to Ayranci Primary Boarding school, in Karaman. They  learnt things about the school, their work, their culture and next November we will receive them  in Lugo de Llanera.

Here we can see some photographs that they took during their visit.

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It isn’t waste…

Art and recycling materials is fun! So we have been using supermarket brochures for another activity. In this occasion, to learn about food.img_0339.JPG

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The families colaborate

Our families have been helping at home to celebrate the book day. Children and families have prepared a lovely bookmark  (Year 1). Now we have lovely expositions at school: Inside and outside the classes.

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Ann’s presentation

We have been celebrating our Comenius week. We thought the best way would be learning more about Ann’s country. So she talked us about the city where she was living before she came to Asturias: köln/Cologne/Colonia


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