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Hemingway, Ernest (by Dos Santos Méndez, Pablo)

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Did you know? (Curiosities).


Biographycal Data

  •  Complete name: Ernest Miller Hemingway

  • Nationality:  USA
  • He was born in Oak Park, (Illinois) on  1899
  • Occupation: Writer and Journalist
  • Wives: Hadley; Pauline; Martha; Mary.
  • He died in Ketchum, Idaho on July 2, 1961 (61 years)

                        His Life

    • Ernest Miller Hemingway, American writer, was born in, Oak Park, Illinois, in the year 1899.
    • When he finished his studies in 1917 in the Institute of the Park of Oak he began to work as the reporter in the  Kansas Diary. Along his life, Hemingway travelled frequently to France, Spain, Italy, Africa, North America and Cuba. Practically all his works show his experiences of these trips, outstanding the Spanish Civil War and World War II.
    • In 1953, he received the Pulitzer prize by his novel The Old Man and the Sea and the following year he received the Nobel prize. His literary style was raw and realistic
    • He committed suicide on July 2, 1961, at 61 years old in his Ketchum’s house, in Idaho.


•·         THE SUN ALSO RISES (1926)

•·         TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1937)

•·         FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (1940)

•·         THE WILD YEARS (1962)

•·         88 POEMS (1979)                                    [Posthumous]

•·         SELECTED LETTERS (1981)               [Posthumous]


  • Ernest Hemingway was an amateur boxer in his youth.
  • A book compiles the unpublished opinions of the writer about the cinema and the literature.
  • During all his life he practised numerous sports, between them hunting, fishing, boxing and ski.
  • He lived surrounded of dogs and cats, and his favourite one was a kitty called Bossie.

A film about “The Old Man and The Sea”

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