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Milton, John 1608-1674 (by: Rodríguez Menéndez, Belén)

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Did you know? (Curiosities).


Biographycal Data.

  • Nationality:   London
  • He was born:LONDON, December 9, 1608
    • (His/her life):  was marked by the evolution of the English Civil War. Milton was a staunch Republican, and worked with Oliver Cromwell. After the restoration of the monarchy he was imprisoned, and some of his writings were prohibited, but he was eventually  freed from jail.sonrisa

    • His  job: Poet and essayist.

    •  Places of study: He studied at St Paul’s School and Christ’sCollege at the  University of Cambridge.

    • He died : London, November 8, 1674triste


  • Paradise Lost (1667)

  • Areopagite (1644)

  • Paradise Regained (1671)

  • On his dead wife (1658)

  • On Education (1644)

  • The reason the government of the church (1641-1642)

Did you know? (Curiosities).

  • He married twice.
  • He wrote twelve songs that tell the story of Adam and Eve.
  • His child only lived a few months.

     A video about the Milton´s Paradise Lost

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