is summer your favourite season?

Another school year ends and a new summer comes.

Is summer your favourite season? If so, why?

What are you doing this summer?

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12 06 2007
alvaRo5 (09:42:02) :

When it’s summer my family and I like go to holidays to “Alicante”.
I love this beaches and the sea is clean and transparent It’s very beautiful.
My favourite activity is play football with my friends in the ground and swimming in the swimmingpool. I propose me past all exams.
It’s very nice the summer for me.

12 06 2007
~{%SLVY%}~ (09:56:55) :

Hi Fernando!!!!

yes, of course. The summer is the best seasons.

-Because there are two months of holidays.
-Because in this seasons there aren´t class.
-Because there are a lot of parties.
-Because I can go with my friends to the beach to do surf, to take the sun, to take a walk by the sand or to go to the swimming pool.

There is a los of reasons by that the summer is my favourite station.

In this summer y go to the “Cabo de Gata, Almería”.

Here you have my commentary so I already take leave. Bye Bye and that you have a good summer.

ByEbYe MaNy KiSSeS


12 06 2007
Irina Ardura (10:55:57) :

yes. my favourite season is summer because in the summer, I go to holidays with my family and the school is finished. In the summer the people play and the people are enjoy a lot. In the summer there are a lot of hot and the summer is more enjoy that other seasons…

12 06 2007
Tania & Teresa (10:56:53) :

Is summer your favourite season? If so, why?
Yes, because we don’t have any class and in summer we are very fun. Also we like the summer because we are traveling around the world and we meet a lot of people.

What are you doing this summer?
In summer we go to the beach, there we playing bolleyball, eating an ice-cream, drinking a cooktail, and there we be very well. Also we buy a lot of presents for my friends and family.

We lovening summer.

12 06 2007
*___MiRiiam SuáReeZ FeRnánDeez[~*] (10:57:17) :


The summer is my season of the year.
In summer I do a lot of activities,
I go to the beach,I ride a bike,
I play with my friends,I go to the swimming
pool and I meet a new friends.

In this summer I think,I go to
the beach with my parents every
weekend I am going to go on holidays to
any village of spain.

Good Bye[!]


12 06 2007
saRa g0nzalez (10:59:07) :

Obviusly, summer is my favourite season. why? Because I love the sun and the good time, and I can go to the beach and swim in the sea.
In July, i’m going to go to Llanes, but I will turn back to my town’s festivities. I don’t have plans for August yet.

12 06 2007
david (11:00:16) :

Yes, the summer is very funny; because my friends and me will play football on a beach and swimming in the sea. I will know a lot of friends.

Also, I like the summer because the partys are very funny and I won`t have school !!!!

12 06 2007
loRena meJuto (11:00:38) :

yes, my favourite season is the summer, because I can sleep in the morning, go out whit my friends… I can go to the swiming-pool too. besides you go to other country whit your family or with your friends.
in summer you haven’t got any homework and you can have fun all day.

12 06 2007
Adrian Garcia (11:15:39) :

I like summer because for me it is the best season of the year. There is no class, it is sunny,I go to beach and the swimming pool and I go to murcia a month and I see the friends who I have there.

14 06 2007
iRiNa & aLba (10:53:05) :


aLba & me



14 06 2007
merce y berto (11:46:18) :

the summer is the my favourete season because it’s very cold and very hot.
the summer it’s doesn’t school.
they are going to the beach,to the mountain,etc.
the summer to last three month.

14 06 2007
Carlos (11:48:03) :

The summer is the best season because i don’t have school. The weather is very good and you can go to the beach or to other places. In summer people travel to other countries to visit things or study other languages.

14 06 2007
DANI RODRIGUEZ (12:00:25) :

The summer, supposedly, is epoca but warm of the year but with the global heating the thing can that empieze to change.

22 11 2007
Nataliaaa* (22:35:45) :

Ohh yes, my absolut favorit time of the years is summer. I believe you can do more things.

I can go to the beach, swiming, surfing. Play with my friends and meet new friends. And in the summer i don´t have school.

I really love summer!

Bye bye… ;)

27 03 2009
din (20:20:55) :

i hate summer!!!it’s a terrible’s so hot…oh,nightmare!winter 4 ever

10 06 2009
Mariam (18:12:58) :

i like summer because of its weather and summer vacations.i love summert vacations of course everyone loves vacatins.There are lot of actvities to do in this season. You can go to the beach or can do any other activity.Like me i will learn a new language in this summer .

19 04 2010
1 (22:05:52) :

Hello everybody! My favourite season is the summer,because I go on holidays to the beach and have time to play with my friends. I am also happy, because we don’t have school. I like visiting new countries and new people.

27 10 2010
lorin (19:03:06) :

All of the seasons have special qualities, but the summer is my favourite season of the year, for many things. First of all, in the summer we don’t go to school so i can sleep in the morning. i don’t have to do homework so i can have fun and rest all day long for 2 monthes. We have lots of activities in the summer, we can go swimming visit our friends and all kinds of sports. In the summer my family and I like going to vacation because of the nice weather, and of course everyone love vacation. Its an amazing chance to have at least one memory with the family. bye by…….

24 10 2011
StEpHaNiE LaWreNce (07:26:52) :

Of Course! Summer 4 Eva! Lol! Why? Becuz Yhu Can Go To The Beach Take A Walk With Yhur Freinds Swim And More! But…Itz Rlly Hot! Winter Izz Maa 2nd Fave! Becuz Of………SNOW!:D :P

24 02 2012
03244962388 (14:51:41) :

my favourite season is summer because i am go to the bank and the river to take the bath in summer.
summer days are longs

9 10 2016
Talha (21:37:52) :

I like to travel with my family we travel cities and stay in hotels for about a week. Then we go to Wisconsin Dells.

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