Talleres de iniciación científica, en 3º, 4º y 5º

10 05 2017

Inside the cell

Los días 11 y 12 de mayo se impartirán unos talleres de  iniciación científica, que denominamos “Proyecto Célula” (“Inside the cell”), a cargo de la Dra. Covadonga Huidobro. Se desarrollarán en inglés y castellano, en función de la dificultad de la temática.


-       Cell modelling, for 7-8 years old children (3nd year). 10-centimetre petri dishes will be given to the children together with some air dry dough of different colours. Children are free to design their own cell inside the petri dish, getting some inspiration from pictures that will be exhibited during the session.

Also, in both cell colouring and cell modelling, microscopes will be introduced as a tool to study the cells. 3D cell models, magnifiers and portable microscope lens for smartphones will also be used during these sessions.

-      DNA bracelets/keyrings, for 8-10 years old (3rd and 4th year).  A dynamic lecture to provide children with a basic understanding about the DNA and the genetic code will be followed by making some 3D DNA using beads and wire.

-        Visualization of cheek cells under microscopes, for 10-11 years old (5th year). Children will be arranged in groups of 5, and each group will be supervised with a member from the Scientists’ team or a teacher from the school. Students will use cotton swabs to get the cells from the inner side of the cheeks, put them on to microscope slides and stain them with food dyes and observe them under the microscope.

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