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school.JPGAnother memory that sticks in my mind is of walking to my school with my eldest sister when I was eight years old.
As I had to wait for 12 minutes before coming into the class I felt very bored.

But inside the classroom I felt chuffed because I had to help the teacher reading with other class mates. After finishing the work I could speak to others, which I liked a lot.

When I changed school I was thrilled because I liked to study every day more and more and to pass my exams successfully.

I just remember when I was going to and coming from the school with my young and beautiful teacher who was dumbstruck when men (workers) told her things about her pretty appearance.

I can hardly remember the happy days that I spent dancing with my friends, particularly at important festivities in which we took part. It reminds me of the beautiful garden of the school and some games (picture cards , skipping and hide and seek)


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I have a vivid recollection of going to the city market place when I was five years old with my mother and grandmother. Every Monday we would come to this bustling market where we bought all kind of things. We usually bought special meat and sausages in the best-known butcher and we used to wait for a long time in queues.

street.JPGAfter having done the shopping we caught a bus, packed with people, to go to our neighbourhood. One time we went home walking and stopping from time to time.

I felt taken aback with the sight of the long street, high buildings and stone benches

But I was delighted with my grandmother and mother in the market place.

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I usually heard the fairy tales on the old radio at night, after that I told them to my parents before we went to sleep. They laughed a lot and they were pleased because I could remember all the stories and understand the problems that occurred there. I felt extremely thrilled to be near to my parents and for us to speak to each other every night.


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Travelling to Romania was really a thrilling experience because it was a very long and tiring journey. We could never have imagined it. We needed three fights flights to get there.

The most amazing view from the aeroplane was to look at the curves of the river Danube above and through all different countries, its vegetation and the towns.

However, the last flight was terrifying for us because the plane was too small for so many people, it made a lot of noise and shook all the time. What was worse was that the plane looked like a cheap toy ready to fall apart at any moment. Inside everybody was talking but the landing was very welcome. My worry was such that the next morning my eyes were completely red. Now we sometimes think that we might have been killed if we had been unlucky.
However, staying there was interesting because we could admire a great old city in the middle of the valley, surrounded by high mountains. I liked the wide main streets surrounded by tall historic buildings dating from a wealthier period. Sometimes I thought that the social situation in the past must have been very different.


I could say that I was ecstatic with two things. The first was that people love art a lot: classical music, painting, sculpturing etc. The second was their hospitality. It was really fantastic seeing children with their instruments going to their music classes; also their old Universities and the high cultural level of their people who all seemed to speak English (in the shops, in the galleries, in the schools…) So, all my previous ideas must be changed and modified because if not I could not have seen such a creative art teaching method. It seemed to contrast with the rather old material available.

Moreover, it was a great pleasure to go shopping there because a lot of things were very cheap, although we had to change money in a strange tiny shop, in semidarkness. I have to say that they are warm-hearted people, although some of them live in poor conditions. In one occasion we were taken aback by the poor condition of some of the suburbs : there were a lot of high rise buildings separated by green spaces but badly maintained.


Finally, there was a curious experience that happened to us in the restaurant. There were some bottles of wine on the table near us and the Belgium teacher took it although it belonged to another group of people The waiter appeared fuming and outraged and we ended up having to pay for it. It was the most embarrassing situation I have ever had. Personally I blushed a lot. But overall it was a fantastic experience and one that I would not miss for anything.


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One of my earliest memories is of my journey to the countryside with my elder brother and sisters.

We would usually jump if we saw an open field and climb up the tree. I had never seen such a vast before.

I felt as if we could do what we wanted in this unspoilt place.

But one day I was scared that somebody would see us at the top of the tree cutting down some branches to gather some wood to make a game. On this occasion my sister shouted to my brother: “quick, go down because the owner is coming” .All of us run away.

myself-y-otros.JPGIt reminds me of bright green colour of the meadows , the fantastic and natural smell of the trees ,the sound of the river and the mud of the path.

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• She is a middle aged Indian woman who was born in Bombay in 1954. Both of her parents had been active in Human Rights and she began working for poor people in the 1970s.

• She is a tallish woman and she has got a slim figure with a long slender neck and slightly wavy dark greying hair tied back.

• She has a round olive skinned face with high cheekbones.She has got small dark deep-set eyes and a long and wide nose with a beautiful spot above the bridge.

She is wearing a yellow sari with a white short sleeved vest.

• She looks like tired or weary.The poor people look up to her and see her as a leader protecting their right to having proper compensation for the flooded land caused by the dam constructions.

However,she could not stop the construction of dams although the work she has done and the difficulties she has faced are bound to have contributed to her weary appearance.


As she is a charismatic figure I think she might be decisive and determined because she has also spent more than 40 years helping the poor people of the Marmade Valley.

She is said to be a leading figure in the environment movement to save/protect the environment.

From my point of view she is sensitive and big-hearted.

Not only has she been beaten by the police but she has also gone on hunger strike in support of the cause.

What she has saved are the lives and the livelihood of many people as well as many animals of the environment.

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I am going to describe a person who has helped others, who has been a hero because he made people live in better conditions. Consequently, he worked hard to make dreams come true: everyone to have equal rights. He fought for what he believed was right and against prejudice wherever it is found. Nelson Mandela became the most famous prisoner in the world.


The picture shows Nelson Mandela who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for his strength and courage and became president of the Republic of South Africa in 1994.
He is a South African man, an important lawyer who wanted to change laws that were unfair to coloured people.

He is in his seventies. He is of average built.

He has got short wavy receding greying hair and dark skin. His eyes are bright, sparking and dark and his nose is wide and rather small. His mouth is large and he has full lips. He has got white teeth and a big smile.

mandela-y-otro.JPGHe has very good bone structure, with high cheekbones and a cheerful round face. He is wearing a smart black suit with a white shirt and tie.

In this photo he looks very happy in comparison with South Africa´s former present, de Klerk.

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The picture shows an Australian woman who was interested in Human Rights and fought for equality of aboriginal people of Australia because they could not vote, get good education, good health or a good job.

• She comes from a large family. Her mother was half Indian and half-Scottish and her father was a slave who was born in Vanuato (a northeast Indonesian island).

• She is a short woman and she is medium build. She is in her eighties. She has short wavy greying hair.

• She has a round face with high cheekbones. Her eyes are close together. Her nose is long and rather wide. Her mouth is curved and she has full lips.

• She has a beautiful smile and white teeth. Her round and expressive face has a light-brown skin.

• She is wearing a baggy yellow blouse, a purple jacket, glasses ans some jewellery (such as earrings and a necklace).

faith-mandela.JPGFrom her facial expression I can assume that she is a happy person, self-confident, quick-witted and sensible. She might also be level-headed, big-hearted and sociable.

What she considered unfair was that the owners of the factories paid less money to women and children than to men.

She had noticed since her childhood that the treatment of the Australian aborigines was unfair and she began to fight for equality.

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The picture is a close-up of Anita Desai, famous Indian writer.

She is in her seventies. She is of average built.

She has got wavy greying hair and wide open, sad dark eyes.

Despite her age her skin is still smooth but it has some stains.

Her nose is long and rather thin, she has curved lips. Probably she is not wearing make up.

Her face is round and expressive.

From her facial expression she might be thinking how different cultures can influence the future of young people (particularly women) in the sense of the possibility of their making their own decisions about the way to live their lives.

From my point of view she is creative, imaginative, quick-witted, sensitive and


•There is a strong possibility today that younger Indian readers do not empathise with the characters of her book because Indian society has progressed since the books were written.

•There is a chance of the women in her books having hope, although critics think otherwise.

•There is a slight possibility that her work might be considered fanciful although she always tries to express what she considers the truth.

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The book I have read is “The Boy in the striped pyjamas”, written by John Boyne, . In my opinion it is a true-to –life story, very true to life.

It is set in Germany, during the World War II, and tells the story of a lot of Jewish people who were sent to a concentration camp and lived there without any human rights. Eventually they were exterminated inside the gas chambers.

The end of the book is very dramatic, but realistic. It tells how the sincere relationship between Bruno, son of the commander of the nazi concentration camp, and Shmuel, the Jewish boy who lives in miserable conditions, finished. The friendship was so honest, sincere and strong that finished with the death of both children.

It shows how important human relationships are and how the horror of war can affect everyone, even the killers. However, it´s a pleasure to read the different chapters because through them we can know the personality of different people with their positive and negative attitudes.


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