Artículos de March 2009

The Chart project visits Norway

Fecha Saturday, 14 March 2009

We’ve got a European project, called Chart (Children Acting Responsibly Togheter), with schools from Norway, Finland, Austria, Holland, Denmark and Northern Ireland. You can know more about this visiting our project web:


From 8th to 12th of March we were visiting Kirkeby Skole, at Norway.


There we were visiting Kirkeby school and talking about how the project is going on and planning what we are going to do next term.

In the picture above you can see most of the partners who participate in this meeting.


Teachers and pupils from the norwegian school vere very friendly and it all can be considered as an experience for life.


It was very snowy, but not cold.



We want to thank to kirkeby school its hospitality and friendship. Next meeting is in Northern Ireland, but they all will come to Spain in May 2010.


You can see more photos of the meeting in the following links (use them only for educational work):

* A view of Oslo

* Outdoor Kirkeby skole

* Let’s go into the school

* Assembly in the gym

* Teachers’ meeting

* Let’s have a snowy break

* With the Major of Nittedal

You can see more photos from our austrian partners visiting the Chart website (clic here)

Thank you very much, Norway.