A visit of our partners Comenius to our school.

Fecha Wednesday, 19 May 2010

From May 18th to May 22nd 15 teachers from schools of different european countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Northern Ireland and Norway) are visiting our school, in Villaviciosa.

You can see the news of this important event for us in the local newspapers.

Click here to follow the news in “El Comercio Digital”: Fifteen teachers visit CRA La Marina

Click here to see the news in “La Nueva España”: Europa conoce La Marina Maliayesa

Photo from La Nueva España

Click here to read the news in “El Comercio”: Quince profesores europeos visitan La Marina

 On May 19th this group of european teachers were visiting the Town Hall, they were received by the Mayor, Mr. Manuel Busto, the market of our village and two educational institutions:

- First they were visiting a school in Gijón: Laviada Primary School

- Afterwards, they were visiting the High School (IES Universidad Laboral) were many of our pupils study when they finish the Primary Levels.

We want to thank these visits to the headmasters and staffs of  this schools.

In the afternoon, the group of teachers were working on the project ChART (Children Acting Responsibly Together) in Capistrano Cultural Centre.

Here you can see some photos of the day:

The visit to the Town Hall

In the library of the High School

Visiting one laboratory in the High School

In Laviada Primary School: Music Class.

Visiting a classroom of the Primary School.

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