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Fecha Friday, 31 December 2010

¡¡¡ A very happy New Year 2011  !!!

…And more photos about the Comenius visit

Fecha Thursday, 27 May 2010

 A Comenius breakfast in Argüero and dinner in “Clarín”

And now a third article about this important event in our school. From 19th to 22nd of May fifteen visitors from different European countries were visiting our school. The 20th of May they were visiting some of our classes. In Argüero they could participate in our traditional healthy breakfast. One of the teachers from this school, Nel, took some fantastic photos that now we want to show you:

- Click here to see the photos:


Having breakfast

And dancing in Clarín

More about the Comenius visit

Fecha Saturday, 22 May 2010

Here you can see more photographs we have taken during the visit of our partners from Austria, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Finland, Norway and Netherlands. We are sorry because at this moment we haven’t got all the photos. So, in few days you are going to see more aspects of the visit to our schools.

During the second day the european teachers were visiting our schools and in Argüero School they participated in the traditional Healthy Breakfast we do with children of six or seven years old. In the evening the visitors spent some time with our staff and parents, tasting some products from our area. They enjoyed our folk music and dances, too.

Click here to see the photos:

A visit of our partners Comenius to our school.

Fecha Wednesday, 19 May 2010

From May 18th to May 22nd 15 teachers from schools of different european countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Northern Ireland and Norway) are visiting our school, in Villaviciosa.

You can see the news of this important event for us in the local newspapers.

Click here to follow the news in “El Comercio Digital”: Fifteen teachers visit CRA La Marina

Click here to see the news in “La Nueva España”: Europa conoce La Marina Maliayesa

Photo from La Nueva España

Click here to read the news in “El Comercio”: Quince profesores europeos visitan La Marina

 On May 19th this group of european teachers were visiting the Town Hall, they were received by the Mayor, Mr. Manuel Busto, the market of our village and two educational institutions:

- First they were visiting a school in Gijón: Laviada Primary School

- Afterwards, they were visiting the High School (IES Universidad Laboral) were many of our pupils study when they finish the Primary Levels.

We want to thank these visits to the headmasters and staffs of  this schools.

In the afternoon, the group of teachers were working on the project ChART (Children Acting Responsibly Together) in Capistrano Cultural Centre.

Here you can see some photos of the day:

The visit to the Town Hall

In the library of the High School

Visiting one laboratory in the High School

In Laviada Primary School: Music Class.

Visiting a classroom of the Primary School.

Norwish Day

Fecha Monday, 17 May 2010

Kirkeby School, our partner school from Norway, has sent us a photograph about what they have done in the Norway Day at Nittedal.

The bilingual project: know more

Fecha Saturday, 15 May 2010

This year we are working in two areas:

- Art and Crafts in the first and second levels of the primary education

- Science in the fifth and sixth levels of the primary education.

We want to develop and study this last subject (science) in the third and fourth levels next year.

Here we show you some pictures of the work the pupils are doing in Science (biology, geography and history) with the teacher Alfonso de la Torre.

We think it has been a very good work. What do you think?

The visit to Denmark. The Photo Album

Fecha Sunday, 11 April 2010

See a photo album of our visit to Oedis School (Kolding-Denmark) in the following link:

- Chat project at Denmark (March 2010)


Visiting Denmark

Fecha Saturday, 20 March 2010

From 14 to 18 of March 2010 two teachers from our school CRA La Marina were visiting Ødis Sogneskole, a Primary School near Kolding (Denmark). It was a meeting for our project Comenius Chart (Children Acting Responsibly Togheter). During this interesting experience we both have taken many photos of what we were seeing to share them with our School Community.

We have divided the photos in groups, in order to do easier the comprehension of the experience. Visit with us again the school in kolding by clicking the links:


- Photos of the village


- Photos of the castle and views of Konding from the tower 


- Photos of Oedis School (outside)


- Click here to see the classrooms and the welcome to Comenius partners


- Click here to see the big playground


- To see the kindergarden, click here


- At the Town Hall


- Nikolai was a school and now its five buildings are cultural offerts for children and adults


- Photos of our Chart work. 


- A funny visit to Legoland Billund


To finish this short view of our visit, some photos of the last afternoon at Denmark (it was dark and the photos are not too good). Click here to see them.

 We want to thank Oedis School (staff and pupils) and Holger, his Headmaster, this wonderful experience. Thank you very much and we wait for you next May in Spain.

Let’s go to a concert

Fecha Tuesday, 9 February 2010

On monday, february 8th 2010 the pupils in the sixth grade who study in La Marina Primary School went to a concert. The star was Danny Griffin, a musician and composer who has written many songs for young learners of English. We were invited by Oxford University Press and knew and could sing most of the songs. So it was great and very funny. Congratulations to Danny and Oxford U. Press for organise the concert.

You can see some photos we took at the concert in the following link:

- Danny in concert



Working with our friend Earth during this first term.

Fecha Wednesday, 23 December 2009

We have been working with our friend Earth during this first term. Ecosystems, animals, living things, health…

Now we want to send our friend Earth our best wishes.


Here are some of our pictures.

- Adrian Hortal:


- Adrián G.



- Celia


- Cristian:


- John:


- Juan:


- Kenia:


- Lucía B.:


- Nayara:


- and Nikias: