Useful hints for reading activities

19 01 2011


Here are a few things to bear in mind: 

  1. READ THE TEXT CAREFULLY. You might need to read it more than once in order to understand the content (always depending on difficulty: structures, vocabulary, how familiar you are or are not with the topic…)
  2. READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY. It’s absolutely essential to make sure you understand what you are being asked.
  3. IDENTIFY RELEVANT INFORMATION IN THE TEXT FOR EACH OF THE QUESTIONS. Find parts directly linked with the question you are trying to answer. You can use underlining as a useful strategy at this stage.
  4. PUT ALL THE INFORMATION TOGETHER AND WRITE OUT YOUR ANSWER, taking into account the following advice
  • Don’t forget you should use the same verbal tense in both question and answer.     
  • Don’t copy directly from the text. Try to explain those ideas using your own words.
  • Be careful with grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. Comprehension and accuracy of your answers will depend on that.  
  • Use linkers to connect different ideas included in your answer (check MATERIALS for some interesting notes on this)
  • REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR ANSWER SIMPLE AND CLEAR. Don’t write terribly long and impossible sentences. THINK FIRST AND THEN WRITE. 
  • Try this and see if it works. We hope it is useful!!!

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2 responses to “Useful hints for reading activities”

21 01 2011
voyance (14:54:50) :

very nice topic. it’s very interessting!
good luck !

21 01 2011
horoscope 2011 (14:58:34) :

thank you for this article. so very good topic !

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