Farewell to SKILL.

19 12 2011

Last Thursday, December 15th, we said farewell to our dear Comenius SKILL. We took this opportunity to gather students and families once again, present our Multilingual Guide for Language Learners and hand out a copy of it and a diploma to all participants.

Pilar Cortejoso, in charge of International Programmes in the Education Office, and Fernando Zapico, a dear old colleague and friend, now coordinating the Service of Plurilinguism, joined us on this occasion.

Thanks everybody for attending the meeting, for taking part so actively throughout the project and a special acknowledgement to our students for their fine work.

SKILL forever!!

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6 responses to “Farewell to SKILL.”

6 01 2012
Andrea (13:24:45) :

In my opinion, the time we spent working in this project was fantastic and this guide is the prove of our effort. If some students read the whole guide I am sure it will help them to learn languages better.
The final meeting that we did was a great idea to say bye bye to the project. Listening to Pilar, see and also listen to Fernado was amazing.

8 01 2012
Pablo S 1ºMB (13:56:32) :

It’s a pity that this great project comes to an end, but it does, at least for us.
In my opinion (and I guess all my partners think the same) this project was a wonderful experience, and I wish younger students will have the chance to enjoy it as well. Happy new year to everybody!

8 01 2012
Helena 1ºBTC Mixto B (22:24:00) :

Personally, the experience of being part of the SKILL project has been unforgettable. Not only because we had a great time in Holland and when the Dutch students came to Mieres but we also spent lot of time working in this project.
I recommend everybody to participate in projects such as SKILL because is the best way to learn languages.

10 01 2012
Pablo G 1ºMB (17:05:42) :

I’m really proud of having had the chance to get involved in this project, which I think was very interesting.
I believe the final product, the guide, is a nice work that shows the participation of our dutch partners and us. And I also enjoyed the meeting! It’s sad that SKILL finally ended but I hope we’ll always remember the good memories.

11 01 2012
Lidia (17:52:55) :

I hope this year or maybe the next one , we will have something similar in our class, because it was an incredible experience and we had a lot of fun. We had made new friends and we had visited Holland. It was just amazing. The only thing a little boring was the guide but I think it was worth doing it.

16 01 2012
Sara 4ºB (16:00:04) :

For me the Commenius Programme was the best experience I did in my whole school life, that’s why now we are always saying that we want to repeat it this year…
I couldn’t be in that last meeting but anyway I got the language guide, in which I can see there’s a lot of work of the students and the teachers.

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