MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! … And enjoy the carol.

19 12 2011

End of the term, end of the year… and time for Christmas carols. This is really fun. We hope you enjoy it!!!

Come on, sing along!! You can check the lyrics below.

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12 responses to “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! … And enjoy the carol.”

21 12 2011
Melany , Borja y Paula (09:06:57) :

This christmas carol is very oringinal .
We loved it a lot .
Merry christmas and a happy new year.

21 12 2011
Laura,Natalia y Alba. (09:08:08) :

It is a very very funny.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Alba,Laura y Natalia. :)

21 12 2011
Alex,Lucia y Graciela (09:08:50) :

We like the Christmas carol a lot .
Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

Alex , Lucia y Graciela.

21 12 2011
Pili (10:37:45) :

Martín, Andrea, Víctor

We’re having fun with this song. Happy holidays!:-)

21 12 2011
Miguel 2ºB (11:19:16) :

We get funny with this song.
It was very funny.
All of us song the song.
We sing very bad ??

21 12 2011
Borja 2ºB (11:24:55) :

I think the song was very interesting. I like it very much.
I don’t like the video.

21 12 2011
Natalia 2ºB (11:25:27) :

We song this song.
The video of this song was very funnny.=)

21 12 2011
olaf (14:55:38) :

it is very funny and especial for the christmas time
Marry christmas and a happy new year for all

21 12 2011
Ángela (15:23:20) :

I really like this song, it is very original, and we had a lot of fun with it.
Merry Christmas, and happy 2012! :)

21 12 2011
Cristina (16:29:09) :

This Christmas carol is very original and funny, when we saw the video we laugh a lot and sing the song.
I wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year :D

21 12 2011
Oscar (22:19:21) :

It´s a very funny carol

28 12 2011
Laura y Christian (12:59:33) :

It was a really funny song and we enjoyed it. We read it and then we sang. It was great!

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