AngloAmerican Week (6-9 March 2012)

5 03 2012

Thanks to the help of Kate Newton, the English language assistant in IES La Ería (Oviedo), and our American language assistant, Alex Johnson, we have already started to explore both their languages and cultures through different activities that will carry on until next week: contests, quizzes, songs, vocabulary exercises, posters, debates, powerpoint presentations, games…

Have a look at the programme! 

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What’s the most interesting thing you have learnt?  Write your post and tell us!

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26 responses to “AngloAmerican Week (6-9 March 2012)”

6 03 2012
Pablo (18:54:16) :

The AngloAmerican week is a very good idea. It shows us the cultures of both countries. The activities proposed are also quite funny. I congratulate those who organize this.

6 03 2012
José Luis (21:14:27) :

Very interesting this activity, which helps us, at least it helps me, to know lots of new things about both cultures. Tomorrow we have the meeting with both language assistants in the Hall, so let’s see what awaits us.

6 03 2012
Lucy (23:19:26) :

Hi!!!! Last thrusday we did an interesting game, that was about describe some american or british pictures or objects. I think, we had a good time together and we learnt lot of new things about this two counties, so I like very much the activity, it was really funny!!!

7 03 2012
sergio 1ºb (16:26:41) :

the anglomarican week is very funni because we are doing many activities and many jobs

7 03 2012
edurne (18:59:23) :

In my opinion the angloamerican week is very interesting because the student learn the new words.

7 03 2012
Adrian (21:23:19) :

This morning we had a chat with Alex and Kate in the one that we were making a comparison between British and American culture. In this chat, we were spoken about basic information: Origin, education, food …

Morever, on Thursday we make a sheet for a contest in the one that we have to describe 5 typical objects that were on “Salón de Actos” and were marked with yellow numbers

7 03 2012
Enol (21:48:32) :

I believe it’s a nice idea to prepare this, people usually don’t know enough about this two different cultures, and it’s interesting because you can be more identified with one of them. I also think it’s not bad to include more funny projects to this.

8 03 2012
Daniel (07:33:07) :

the activity that we make this days was very interesting because we learnt a lot of direrences between this two counties. we had a meeting with both language assistants in the Hall.

8 03 2012
Gonzalo Álvarez (15:01:04) :

The AngloAmerican week is a helpful project for us to improve our level of knowledge in both American and British culture. It is emphasised in the differences between both languages.
I think it’s an interesting idea, and even more if it’s complemented with funny activities as, in fact, it is.

8 03 2012
Alvaro 2ºB (18:51:20) :

Anglo American week is a very good idea because you have fun, you learn a lot of things about these countries.

8 03 2012
Christitian Glez 2ºB (18:53:08) :

anglo american week is a good idea because you learn a lot of things you doesnt know and you explore more cultures and her

8 03 2012
Aitor Rodríguez Rodriguez (20:29:42) :

I think that Anglo American week is very interesting and you learn a lot. Alex and Kate are very nice, and the best thing of the anglo american week is that you skip clases!!

8 03 2012
Óscar 1ºB (20:39:27) :

We can learn about the british and american culture with the angloamerican week

8 03 2012
Laura (21:08:57) :

In my opinion this activity was very original and interesting!
We learnt so many things about both countries having a good time, it was really nice for me to participate in this activity, we should have more activities like this one!

8 03 2012
Alejandro Dóaz (21:45:08) :

It has been such a cultural activity, I have enjoyed it a lot.
Now, we have learn important things about the culture of these two english speaking countries, in adition to this the lesson has been very relaxing and enjoyable. We should do this more times.

8 03 2012
Miguel 2B (21:53:45) :

I think it was a very interesting activity to know about the two different cultures.
I like very much the Potluck, there were many food and we had a very good time.
I like the activity of choosing the objects and then write a description about them.
In conclusion, it was very fun

8 03 2012
Omar 2B (22:03:19) :

I think the Anglo- American week is the best week in the year. Because we have a nice time talking and watching images about the two cultures. In my opinion the best part was the potluck. We could eat some English and American desserts and play a lot of sports from the Uk and Usa.

8 03 2012
Cristina 2ºB. (22:38:46) :

All this week,we made some different activities about the British and American culture,we went to the auditorium to see different objects from USA and UK,other day,we went to the auditorium again,but this time Alex and Kate explained us things about the objects and we saw a powerpoint presentation. Today we had a party and I enjoyed very much,it was a good day! :D

9 03 2012
Borja 2ºB (18:40:33) :

This week, I think, was the best week of the year because we have a lot of fun and we learn a lot about the two countries.

9 03 2012
Marina (19:47:18) :

The Anglo-American week had been a very interesting activity because we had learned a lot of things about the difference between both countries.
We had a good time watching their typical objects and activities.
It was a good experience for us.

9 03 2012
JAIRO 1º B (21:51:11) :

This week was great because we celebrated the Anglo-American week, to learn English culture in the U.S.A and the UK.

We did different activities, all very fun and on Thursday afternoon we celebrated a POTLUCK.
I like the Anglo-American Week.

10 03 2012
Alba 1ºb (17:40:17) :

the angloamerican week is great ,I like this week .

11 03 2012
Irene (19:30:16) :

The AngloAmerican week was a very interesting activity to know about the cultures of the USA and the UK.

12 03 2012
guzman 1ºb (11:18:48) :

I liked the angloamerican week, because we played flag football we have a party, we compared the USA and UK and we don’t have class

12 03 2012
Alejandro 1ºB (17:49:52) :

The angloamerican week is very funny because we don´t have a class , we play flag football and we compared the USA and UK .
In my opinion the angloamerican week is very interesting because we learn the new words .

12 03 2012
Cova Gutierrez (22:45:42) :

The Anglo American Week was great!! I love it because it was VERY funny….we met Alex and Kate…i learned a lot of vocabulary…i want more Anglo American weeks like this..i have learned a lot of from the 2 different countries
It was very nice met kate and alex :)

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