Bonfire Night

5 11 2012

Did you know the word “bonfire” comes from “bonefire”, a fire in which bones were burnt?

Today, 5th November, British people celebrate Bonfire night or Guy Fawke’s Night. This tradition started to celebrate the failure of The Gunpowder Plot, a plan to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

If you want to know more about this holiday, watch this video:

Then, you can play this game to check what you have learned.

Which festivals in your country remember historical events or have firework displays?  Write your comments and let us know!

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34 responses to “Bonfire Night”

5 11 2012
Martín (23:56:19) :

I don’t personally like this celebration, because I have sympathy for Guy Fawkes but the video was interesting.

A popular firework display here in Spain is the San Juan Night.

6 11 2012
DAVID (14:50:03) :

I won the play in the first time .the best is when you found the 13 cell and you be fast to pass it

6 11 2012
Anonimus (17:39:20) :

I HAVE WON!!!!! There is a secret door, the 13

6 11 2012
David (18:16:43) :

I win the game in the first play you must very fast in the last cell the 13 or it explote.

6 11 2012
Ivan (18:22:33) :

It’s a very good game but when I was at the last cellar it explode… BUMM!! I will try again:)).

6 11 2012
oscar 2B (18:46:33) :

It is a very interesting game

6 11 2012
guzman 2ºB (19:11:17) :

I didn’t underestand anything of the video and the game was weird, because you can’t loose.

6 11 2012
Alba 1ºb (19:44:26) :

It´s good, but a little bit borring.

6 11 2012
Enol (20:17:50) :

I’ve done it!! It was in number 13,cool game.
-Do you think festivals are a good way to remember historical events?
Yes I think so. Why? Well, first because everybody knows why are you celebrating this kind of event,the reason. and because I think you can heve fun and learn at the same time.
I didn’t know nothing about this event but now, I promise I’ll celebrate it (I love toffee apples)

6 11 2012
JAIRO 2ºB (21:53:50) :

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November”
English people celebrate that an attempt to blow up his king failed.
The Guy Fawkes just wanted toleration for Catholics.

I do not know who was worse if British for torturing and killing him or his idea to blow up Parliament.

Anyway I think doesn’t seem right to celebrate the death and then throw fireworks.

6 11 2012
Helena (23:45:36) :

Hi !
The video is very good and the game too.
The story about Guy Fawkes was very interesting :)

7 11 2012
Chusa 1BCTA (15:30:34) :

I like the video about Guy Fawkes. I learn more things about this story thata I didn’t know. I would like go there these day.
The game is good but I need more time to ask every questions.

7 11 2012
Astor 2b (15:43:11) :

It´s amazing .The history is fantastic.

7 11 2012
David Jiménez 2º BCTA (15:49:09) :

Not bad
Is the first time I hear about Bonfire. Very interesting, but it remembers me the Fallas; you know, the typical festival of Valencia.

7 11 2012
Andrea V. (16:02:56) :

I think that the video is good and interesting, I have never heard about tnat festival before and now I find it amazing.
Nice game too. :)

7 11 2012
Alejandro 2ºB (21:04:06) :

I didn´t understand the video , the game is very good but you can´t lose .

9 11 2012
RENE 2ºBCTA (17:22:36) :

The movie V for Vendetta is inspired in the bonfire day and I didn’t know. The video is very interesting and I liked it.

9 11 2012
Karolina Szatanik 2ºBCTA (22:09:09) :

I didn’t understand very good the video,but from what I can understand,it seems very interesting to know where this tradition comes.In my country, Poland, there a similar tradition celebrated on 11 August.In this event is a does bonfire at midnight.

11 11 2012
Andrea 1ºBCTA (08:55:17) :

Aunque me ha resultado un poco difícil, el vídeo no ha estado nada mal y he aprendido sobre la historia de Guy Fawkes. A mi personalmente me gustaría asistir a esta celebración. El juego es realmente interesante pero no he tenido suficiente tiempo para acabarlo.

11 11 2012
Elena3º (13:31:53) :

I won!! there’s another level the 13 and you have to answer very fast the game is so cool! :)

11 11 2012
Natalia López (15:45:38) :

I think that this video is very interesting.
With this, i learned things that i had never heard.

11 11 2012
Analía 2º BCTA (20:24:20) :

The video is very interesting I didn’t know anything about it and the game is very easy.

11 11 2012
Carla (21:34:22) :

I’ve never heard of this celebration, but I think the video is interesting.
The game is good,but we have to be very fast.

11 11 2012
María 2ºBCTA (22:03:34) :

I didn´t know anything about Bonfire night. I learnt a lot of things with the video! The game is good but you have to answer fast

11 11 2012
Borja Vidal 2ºBCTA (22:18:40) :

I have never heard about Bonfire,but the story about Guy Fawkes was very interesting and I learned things.The game isn´t bad.

12 11 2012
David Fdez. (19:47:03) :

Beautiful tradition, I want to go to London to celebrate this festival, i think it is very interesting.

12 11 2012
Jorge Rey (19:54:46) :

This video was interesting and good for knowing new things about the England culture, i had heard about it but I had never looked for more information.Thank you for the information!

12 11 2012
Jesús Fdez 2º BCTA (20:33:43) :

I have never hear speak about the Bonfire and in my opinion is a interesting party.
In Spain a similar party is the night of San Juan.

12 11 2012
Alejandro 2ºBCTA (22:48:11) :

I heard some things about Guy Fawkes but I don’t know that in England was celebrate this. About the game is awesome but you need read it too fast to answer well the questions.

17 11 2012
Lidia Díaz (17:24:51) :

I had never heard about this before, but now I know what it is. The game is also really funny to play.

19 11 2012
Diego Robles (19:49:52) :

I didn’t know anything about that, but now i realised that is similar to “La noche de San Juan” in some way.
Nice video!

24 11 2012
Juan 2ªBCH mixto b (11:22:04) :

Nice video!. Esta muy interesante y divertido. El juego no se me ha dado muy bien…

24 11 2012
Juan 2ªBCH mixto b (11:29:52) :

Sorry for the previous message, the google chrome corrector translated into Spanish. The video is nice and fun, i didn’t know that these kind of things exist.

The game is fine too, but I’ve done wrong…

30 11 2012
Aida 2ºBCTA (20:07:05) :

I knew that every year this party is celebriting for British people because it is one of the important parties in England .I would like to go there and taking part on the events like turn on a bonfires

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