News from Alex!

22 11 2012

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Hey Sanchez Lastra!

Wow, it has been a long time, but I finally writing to all of you from Madrid.  Living here has been a big change from Oviedo, but I have really enjoyed it (especially with all of the concerts, events and things to do in a big city like this one!)  This year I’m working at a primary school, and with students who are only six years old.  I find myself repeatedly teaching vocabulary like “rubber”, “pencil sharpener” and “notebook”, and unfortunately I think presenting a class on graffiti this year will be quite difficult ;).  Although I am enjoying my new job here, I admit I miss working with all of you in Mieres, both students and professors.  I’ve heard that Cristen is doing a wonderful job there, and I hope all of you hooligans are treating her well (key: look up the word hooligan).

I received some emails from a few of you this summer, and I want to apologize for not responding.  I was traveling most of the summer without access to a computer or internet and couldn’t reply to those awesome messages.  I hope all of your summers were nice and relaxing, and that you spoke some English as well.  As for me, after working in the Pyrenees Mountains for a month, I travelled to Budapest and started an incredible trip through Hungary, Poland, and East Germany.  As you all know I love History, and it was amazing to be in places with so much powerful history to learn.  After that, I flew to London where I began a “hitch-hiking” trip with my friend from California.  I think “hitch-hiking” in Spanish is “auto stop”, but I could be mistaken.  Anyway, we hitch-hiked all the way to the Isle of Skye, a beautiful island in the Scottish Highlands, where we spent a week camping and living like vagabundos.

Thanks to all of you, I was able to take many great photos with my incredible new camera!  The gift all of you gave me inspired me to be very excited about photography, and I want to thank of you again for such a generous gift.  When I think about my year in Sanchez Lastra, I have the best memories and know that all of you have bright futures ahead of you.  With this post I have uploaded some pictures from my summer, and I hope you enjoy them.  Also, I still have access to the blog and would love to hear from you guys – about the school year, travels, your plans for University (for those in Bachillerato) and of course some new music!

Un abrazo fuerte desde Madrid, y seguro cuando subo al Asturias nos verémos en Mieres! (I hope that was correct!)