Thanksgiving Day

23 11 2012

Today the USA celebrate Thanksgiving.  This afternoon our North American language assistant, Cristen Poole, has made us feel part of a typical Thanksgiving Day. Do you want to know how?  Watch this!

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And here is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

One last thing: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving:

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2 responses to “Thanksgiving Day”

24 11 2012
Juan 2ªBCH mixto b (11:37:46) :

I would like to be in the USA, the thanksgiving day. I think that it can be fun.

24 11 2012
Marga (18:26:15) :

Thanks for your presentation, Cristen and for sharing Thanksgiving Day with our students and with us, teachers. We have all learnt quite a few things about this holiday.

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