Hi there!!

Hi!!hi!!We set up this new iniciative with the hope of making learning more fun and motivating. Blogging is more and more used nowadays as a way of sharing experiences, knowledge, likes,… We don’t want to be left behind and that’s why we’ve decided to join the trend and offer our students a meeting point to learn and share together.

Therefore, you are all welcome to LAST (Learn and share together).  Our brand-new blog is waiting for your contributions, so get ready and take active part in it.

Why don’t you start by leaving your first comments here about what you expect from the blog?  Your ideas will be highly appreciated. We want the blog to be a dynamic tool for both teachers and students. We’ll all build it up together, so we are anxious to know what you think.

Here’s your blog, at LAST!!! Riendo

158 responses to “Hi there!!”

12 01 2009
Rodrigo (19:17:00) :

Hi there, nice blog. Let’s hope it works.

12 01 2009
Pedro O.H. (21:20:37) :

i have no ideas for the website, but i think it´s good.
I only have a problem: i don´t Know if the students will be able to modify the web or not.

13 01 2009
Marga (10:20:00) :

Thanks for your comments. I hope the rest of the group join and write theirs here too.
As for Pedro’s question, I recommend you to click on this link and read about Educastur Blog users’ roles.
Only the administrator of the blog can assign you a specific role. Depending on it, you’ll be able to do different things. If you have any further doubts, ask me in class, OK?



13 01 2009
María (19:00:44) :

Hi ! I think yesterday I wrote the wrong link because today it works all right. I think it will be fun but I don’t have any idea to improve the blog.

See you tomorrow.


13 01 2009
Jorge B (20:10:41) :

Hi, I like the idea of the blog, but I think It won’t be very visited for the rest of the pupils of other courses, so we need to work hard in this idea

13 01 2009
Ruben (20:25:51) :

Finally i found it!! i think the links to important english websites are good for the blog.

13 01 2009
Marga (20:52:59) :

Thanks everybody and keep it going!!


13 01 2009
Aida (21:57:51) :

I’ve just seen the blog, and It could be a nice idea. We all should work a little bit to keep it moving, but I was ill and i’m completly lost XD


13 01 2009
Sergio (22:47:54) :

Well, I read the purpose of this blog and I think that it will work good if we make it “famous” working hard and editing it to make it more visual, but well, to start it’s fine.
Anyway, I hope that it will work well :D

14 01 2009
Marga (09:15:26) :

Don’t worry! You’ll catch up immediately. Thanks for your comment and hope you get better. Take care.


14 01 2009
Marga (09:17:04) :

I like the idea of making the blog “famous”. And, it’s true, we’ll all have to work hard on it.


15 01 2009
Karolina (20:59:47) :

hi! the blog is very nice;)
take care

15 01 2009
Cristina (21:05:31) :

hi! i like so much this blog, is a very good idea to improve our english and is fun for us because we don’t write in a paper but i think that you should load more information in spanish…jaja
well take care and kisses(K)!


15 01 2009
Marga (23:54:42) :

Thanks, Karolina. I’m glad you like it. Now we have to fill it with contents. It will be our shared task.



18 01 2009
Marga (10:33:00) :

Hi Cristina!

Your message has finally showed up! Thanks. I know Spanish would be much easier, but we need challenges, don’t you think? I’m sure you’ll very soon get used to all the English stuff going on here.

See you in class tomorrow!


18 01 2009
Noé (12:36:21) :

Hi teacher¡¡¡¡ i like very much this blog, i hope you have may visits in your blog . See you in class tomorrow..


18 01 2009
Marga (14:08:59) :

Great! We need fans :-)

See ya


18 01 2009
Elena (22:47:01) :

Hi!!! The blog is so good. I like the idea of put videos and songs to learn english. I think if we put a lot of information, this blog will be very interesting :)
Byeee. *

18 01 2009
Fernando (23:54:25) :

I’m sure this will be a great success. It’s just the beginning, but if everybody shares a bit-ideas; resources; comments; etc, we’ll all learn a lot.



19 01 2009
mario (09:45:44) :

hi teacher! congratulations because this blog has a lot of interesting information .Oh I haven’t got any new idea for the text .

19 01 2009
patricia (09:46:02) :

I like the blog a lot, I think that`s a good idea!
now I can’t comment a lot because at home I’m punished but I’ll comment in class!!



19 01 2009
Claudia (09:50:46) :

Hi! i’ve just seen the blog, and it’s a good idea to improve our english. I think that we all will learn english here. See you in class.



19 01 2009
Aida (09:51:12) :

I’d love the idea of the music videos ! that’s great !

19 01 2009
milin (09:53:01) :

Hiho! I think it will be very interesting to work hard in this idea but I’m not sure that people will work a lot in it, but like I’ve said, I’m not sure so I hope that I’m wrong. maybe it will be good for the students to put some links referred to the news or common webs that they usually visit, but instead of Spanish, in English.

c ya!

19 01 2009
JF (09:54:49) :

How are you?? I like a lot this blog but I haven´t got any ideas for this blog.
And I`ve like the Sergio`s idea to make it famous.


19 01 2009
milin (10:05:53) :

Here I let u the links that i’ve found.

English Listening for Secondary students
http://www.candlelightstories.com/soundstoryblog/SoundStoryBlog.htm (cuentos con audio)
http://fonetiks.org/dictations/ (dictados con transcripción)
http://www.ompersonal.com.ar/omaudio/contenidotematico.htm (de todo: listenings cortitos + transcripción, canciones …)
http://www.esl-lab.com/ (listening con preguntas para responder)
http://pagesperso-orange.fr/absolutenglish-972/notes/storewars/index.htm (vídeos irónicos sobre star wars and matrix; con transcripción; nivel alto)
http://www.english-trailers.com/index.php (trailers de películas con preguntas para contestar)

http://www.electropedia.org/iev/iev.nsf/Welcome?OpenForm (para tecnología, electricidad …)
http://www.merriam-webster.com/home.htm (con sonido)
http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ (con sonido)
http://tradu.scig.uniovi.es/trad.html (traductor inglés-español y viceversa)

http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk (British culture)

I hope it will be interesting for u!

See u!

19 01 2009
Sergio (10:07:32) :

Apart from lyrics videos are good option

19 01 2009
Marga (10:08:20) :

Hi Elena. I’m glad you find the blog interesting. I love having my students participating in it. So go ahead and leave more comments to the rest of articles.



19 01 2009
diego (16:22:28) :

Hi teacher!!!!! I like the blog a lot because I think is a good form to practise our english.
See you in class.

19 01 2009
david (16:28:21) :

hi! congratulations for this idea. it is a very interesting blog with a lot of information, I like it and I think we must work in this good idea

19 01 2009
eloy (17:14:15) :

Hi it is the first time that I enter in this blog its very good
I think that other people have to enter here because you learn a lot here
And I like the videos this blog was a good idea for students
Bye :)

19 01 2009
Marga (17:38:35) :

Hi Diego!

Glad you find it useful to practise your English. That’s what it is mainly meant for. Thanks


19 01 2009
Marga (17:40:38) :


Thank you for supporting the idea and for taking part.

See you in class


19 01 2009
Marga (17:43:00) :

Thanks for being the first 2nd ESO student to comment on this blog and for being so enthusiastic about it.

See you tomorrow


19 01 2009
cristina (21:57:20) :

hi teacher!
The blog it’s very good !!!!
Tomorrow I will pass again,
Already I have looked at the half of the web page, because I haven’t got time.

See you tomorrow in class!!!!


cristina 2ºB (*)

19 01 2009
Marga (22:17:52) :

OK, it’s quite late now. Give it a new chance tomorrow.



20 01 2009
cristina (16:14:05) :

Hello !!!!
I can enter in the “materials”.
I think it’s very interesting and you can learn a lot.
And I like the videos.

Byeeee !!!
See you tomorrow !!!!

(*) : ) kisses !!!

20 01 2009
Gema (20:34:43) :

hi again,i think it is a great work,and a good idea,this blog is going to be “a must”,i hope that =)
we can share and learn things that in classes it´s a bit difficult..
so see you tomorrow!!

20 01 2009
mario (21:48:25) :

hi teacher!! now i repeat the congratulations because I can’t remember what did yo say this morning to see , I’m going to take note in class the next time because I arrive at home and I forget all ..
tomorrow I will coment the things that you say today and the things that you maybe say tomorrow

20 01 2009
Marga (23:03:21) :

All right, perfect then, Cristina. Problem solved.

See you in class


20 01 2009
Marga (23:23:29) :


Thanks for your nice words. They sound really optimistic. That’s the kind of attitude we need. Let’s keep it up!



20 01 2009
Marga (23:24:56) :

Hi Mario!

See how important your notebook and agenda are? You know I insist on that a lot.
For everybody and, especially, for good memories like yours :-)
All right, I’ll be looking forward to your comments to Martin Luther King’s article.

See you tomorrow


21 01 2009
Claudia (15:07:05) :

Hi teacher !!

the blog is very nice
I like it so much
I don’t know i write so i’m go out

See you tomorrow !!


+kLaúú (2B)

21 01 2009
cristina (*) (15:46:27) :

hi, I pass again
I do some exercices in the “materials”
and I do too the exercice that you say in class
-Todd’s job
I saw the speech of Obama.
And the video of Leona Lewis.



cris (*)

21 01 2009
juan (20:23:53) :

I teacher, the page that’s great.
it’s interesting and funny.
ok. see you tomorrow
byeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

21 01 2009
juan (20:26:43) :

i think the videos and the
activities are very interesting
thanks for this page

21 01 2009
Marga (21:16:31) :

Thank you, 2ºB students, for your comments.
Claudia, don’t worry if you don’t know what to write. Inspiration will come. Try again some other time. You like the blog and that’s a good start.
Cristina, congrats for working so hard on the blog. Hope it is helping you.
And finally, Juan, I’m glad you sound so enthusiastic about the blog. This is just the beginning…

21 01 2009
Aida (22:04:45) :

marga can you give me the page that you tell us the other day in class of english sms?”las abreviaturas” please? (If you find it and you don’t mind)
thank U :)

21 01 2009
Marga (22:56:58) :

There are many websites where we can find common abbreviations used in texting. Here’s one:

If you want to search for any webpages on this topic, just google “mobile phone abbreviations”, for instance, and you’ll get a whole lot of links.


22 01 2009
mario (18:26:43) :

hi teacher ! I couldn’t go to school because yesterday and today I had between 38.5 and 39 grades of temperature but I thinf that tomorrow I can go but I’m not sure

22 01 2009
mpilarzo (18:29:02) :

It’s amazing. Students are writing a lot and I agree with them. This blog is really fantastic and I’m sure we’ll learn and keep up with English together. Thanks a lot, Marga.
C U 2morrow.

22 01 2009
Marga (19:59:16) :

Hi colleague!!

Thank YOU for sounding so thrilled. This kind of attitude is what will push it forward. We will all have a great time blogging together.



22 01 2009
Lidia (20:32:17) :

hi teacher!
The blog is very interesting and very nice
See you on monday
Lidia 2ºB

22 01 2009
juan (20:45:09) :

hello teachear y play with the game in the blog,
that’s fantastic and fun.,
see you tomorrow

22 01 2009
Somebody (21:02:02) :

Hi! Now, I haven’t got enoungh time to see all the blog, but I will see it tomorrow. It’s a very good idea for know more english without be in the classroom.

See you soon!

22 01 2009
Helena (21:20:34) :

Hi, teacher !!
The blog is very good !!
I like it very much, it’s very interesting.
Well done!!

Bye, Bye teacher, see you tomorrow!!

Helena (2ºB)

22 01 2009
Marga (21:24:49) :

All right!! Glad you enjoy blogging and learning at the same time.

See you in class


22 01 2009
Victor (22:09:58) :

I think this blog its a very good idea in wich all pupils can improve our english a lot!

22 01 2009
Marga (22:30:21) :

We are absolutely delighted the blog is having such a great success among our students. Thanks a lot, honestly.


22 01 2009
Marga (22:38:45) :

Here’s a comment for you, Mario. There were so many today I’m afraid I’ve skipped yours.
Hope you get better soon. Maybe, if you’ve had such a high temperature, coming to class tomorrow is not the best idea. Take care and make sure you are totally recovered.


23 01 2009
Pablo Glez (15:38:43) :

Hi, Marga (and all of the teachers that take part in LAST)!
Yesterday, I couldn’t access to the blog but today my internet conexion works.
I have see it at our English lesson and I think it’s just brilliant to create a webpage to work in English. But I think it’s better if the students can write articles in a section created only for us -we’re not going to gossip about you :).
I know you worked hard to create the blog but you’re fine.
I’m going to add it into Favorites and I’m going to try to see it every day.
See you next Thursday:

~Pablo Glez (2nd B)

23 01 2009
BETTINA (15:54:57) :


24 01 2009
CinTHy@ (14:05:16) :

First, congratulate because this blog is very nice and fatastic too.
I liked the idea of upload videos, music and news on all these very interesting. And it has very good idea to create a blog so students can communicate with teachers an friends too.
Well, I think I have already said everything.
So bye.

M@Rgª—— you’re the best. :P
(And the other teachers) Jajajajaja

(K) kisses (K) !!!!!!!


24 01 2009
CinTHy@ (14:21:25) :

Hi again.
I’m very unguished and ungry too,because this computer is silly.
I wanted to see a video but I can’t, and ask yourself that.
Because if I could see it, but I could not hear it.
Summarizing. I haven’t heard anything.
Jooooooo my computer is very, very, very STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m very ungry with “him”.



24 01 2009
Diego. T (17:01:29) :

Hi, English teachers!
I like the blog, it’s good.
It’s a good idea to create the blog.
I like the videos.
Well, bye, see you on Thursday, Marga and see you on Monday, Pilar.

25 01 2009
Marga (11:44:43) :

All right! Thank you all for your nice comments about the blog and for your suggestions. Pablo, your idea of having a specific category for students where you can upload your own articles -with no gossiping about teachers :-)- is a very good one. And we can make it real quite easily. We only need your Educastur username to assign you a role as collaborators of the blog. Those interested, please tell your teachers and we’ll try to respond to your requests.

Keep visiting the articles and leaving your comments. We’ll all learn a whole bunch!

See you all at school


25 01 2009
cristina (*) (19:49:56) :

hi, teachers!!
Pili, I see the video, it’s very funny
I like it!!!
This days I can’t enter because I haven’t got time

Marga see you tomorrow !!!!!!

26 01 2009
milin (09:50:37) :

I’m really surprised about the blog. I didn’t hope people to sign because I thought that they would think that the blog is really bored. Nice job teacher!

Pd: Omg I’ve seen the number of comments now! Keep it going!

26 01 2009
Aida (09:55:04) :

Hi teacher ! I looked at the webpage of the abbreviations but then i have to look up in the internet because i did’t found the one i’ve looking for. XD
C ya !

26 01 2009
María (09:55:38) :

Hi ! It’s very interestant the link marga have commened with the abreviations I will see it because it’s more easier to write here with the abreviations.



26 01 2009
mpilarzo (09:59:57) :

Hi Marga! You’ve worked in the blog a lot. I think that it is getting better and better. I really like it !!

26 01 2009
Claudia (10:01:06) :

I was loking for all the blog, and it’s liking me more and more …
I saw some of de videos and they are great!
You are working a lot in the blog, congratulations!

See you on class (:



26 01 2009
mario (10:06:55) :

hi teacher tomorrow I’m not comming the firt and the second classes because I’m going to the hospital

26 01 2009
Sergio (10:08:07) :

Hi teacher. I was in the link sites and the most part of those are really well :D
I hope that this website could go on being more famous like today.
C ya+

27 01 2009
Marga (00:14:19) :

I’m so glad students don’t find this blog boring! On the contrary, it seems we have all discovered how fun blogging can be.

Long life to “blogmania”



27 01 2009
cristina (*) (15:59:00) :

hi !!!!
I am glad very much that Sarah has returned !!!!
Well, I don’t know what I say about this blog that I should not have said before.
That I am charmed with and that every time I like more.

Kisses !!!!!


kris (*)

27 01 2009
Lucía (16:25:15) :

Hi teacher!
I like very much your blog because is funny and interesting
I saw all the videos and there’re great!
See you tomorrow …
Bye =)


27 01 2009
Andrea (16:37:27) :

Hi teacher!
The blog is interesting and nice
I really like it
See you in class

27 01 2009
Pili (19:04:00) :

Hi, students in form 1B. I’mglad you enjoy the blogs and the videos. Thank you for your comments.
Diego, I agree with you, British can be stupid but what do you think about Spaniards?
C U 2morrow

27 01 2009
Marga (19:29:55) :

Yeah, we are all very glad Sarah is back. We’ve missed you!!!

CU 2moro (=see you tomorrow)


27 01 2009
Pablo Glez (19:46:00) :

Did Sarah come back?
When? I don’t know anything.
Is she going to come to our English Workshop on Thursday afternoon?

~Pablo Glez (2nd B)

27 01 2009
jfernandzt (20:26:04) :

Yes, Pablo. Sarah came back on Sunday. Hopefully, she’ll be with you on Thursday.


28 01 2009
cristina (*) (15:27:13) :

hi !!!!!
I like very muchthe video of Fernando Torres !
I can understand more than in class

SEE YOU !!!!!




28 01 2009
Martín (19:28:44) :

Marga, I have a great surprise when I enter in the blog. Is fantastic!!!
I liked it so very much. I think it was a great idea to create this blog.
See you tomorrow!

28 01 2009
Marga (20:02:45) :

Thanks for all your comments, Martin. You’ve made a great effort and I’m really glad you like the blog so much.



28 01 2009
María 2ªBC A (23:01:18) :

Hi Marga!
I finally could enter in this blog. I was watching the videos and the comments and I’m sure that this blog will be a success =)
Thanks for giving us the oportunity to improve our English in a different way!
See you tomorro!

29 01 2009
Marga (12:59:52) :

That’s exactly what English teachers at the school wish and we’re really glad you agree!!



2 02 2009
mario gp 4 B (10:01:09) :

hi teacher!! the page of real english I think that is not so great because I couldn´t listen the videos ,only watch. I going to try to see it at home and I think that in my computer I will listen to it. Then if I can listen to it at home I will leave another comment.

2 02 2009
sergioflmi07 (10:09:44) :

I like that webpage of real english because you don’t have to pay by lessons like another things and you learn lots of thing by videos, but it could have a bit of text explaining some things in advanced grade. Anyway it’s fine to introduce you in english and to improve it when you are better.
see ya+

2 02 2009
ju@n(2ºB) (15:41:07) :

hello teacher,I look for the class diary
in the blog because today
i do a diary. The expresions are
fantastic , you ‘re the best and thi
other teachers of corse,
see you tomorrow

3 02 2009
M PILAR (09:43:08) :

Hi there! :D I am so glad to be writing in this blog , possibly the best in the world. PilarTuero.

3 02 2009
M PILAR (13:38:31) :

This is the second time in the morning I am visiting the blog.Shall I become a blog addict? :P

3 02 2009
Pili (19:52:28) :

Welcome to the blog, Juan. Here you can find a lot of interesting things and I’m sure you’re going to improve your English. Please, don’t forget to do your homework for tomorrow.
C U :D

3 02 2009
Gema 2bca (21:42:29) :

hi! i´ve just visited the blog and looked at lots of new things there are published,i really like most of them,enjoy your dinner and see you toorrow!!


5 02 2009
jaimergmi0u (12:42:05) :

Hi. I love this blog, because it’s funny and interesting ;). Well I go to watch more videos


5 02 2009
jaimergmi0u (12:55:35) :


5 02 2009
adrianmcmi0g (12:59:46) :

HIIIII i’m Adrían (1st B) I like the blog a lot it’s very funny. There are some interesting news like the interview to the English people…They are stupid!!! I like Obama’s and Fernando Alonso a lot!!! It’s very good. I hope you’ll write more comments in the blog because it’ll be the best blog!!! :D
CU soon in class :(
Adri (1st B)

5 02 2009
Helena 1ºB (13:00:08) :

Helloo!!! I’m Helena, I think that te blog is very good ,all the coments are very interesting and you can know a lot of things, like for example Sara’s news ,I don’t know it, jejejeje , I thin that not many people new it .

Good bye!!!


5 02 2009
paula & naza 1ºB (13:01:48) :

HI!! we think that it’s a very good idea to do a blog because we can say our opinion.

#1ºB the best!!# * bye* . .


5 02 2009
Silvia p 1ºB (13:03:02) :

hello.im silvia .i think that theblog is great.I like the sara’s new :D


5 02 2009
adrianmcmi0g (13:03:10) :

Hi there,Pili,the spanish people is not very stupid.
Ilove this blog.
It’s fantastic!!!!!!!!!

C U soon


I’m Diego of 1ºB

5 02 2009
alicia and mariela 1B (13:03:21) :

hiiiiii!!!!!!!! we think that this blog is great and fantastic, we are happy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by2 :p

5 02 2009
pelayo y pablo 1ºB (13:04:02) :

Hi!:D we like this blog because it’s funny and interesting :). We can see a lot of videos and a lot of news.


5 02 2009
adrianmcmi0g (13:09:03) :

How do you do????
I love this blog.continue uploading things


5 02 2009
pablo and pelayo 1º B (13:11:35) :

is the best blog.we see a lot of news and videos of Obama, the president of USA.


5 02 2009
Sara y Carla 1B (13:12:24) :

We think this blog it´s very interesting and funny. We can see a lot of news some related with our activities. Besides we like the video of Sarah ( the star of our school, of course..)
It´s great !! **

Bye, see you soon.

:P :D

5 02 2009
sarahc (13:49:19) :

Our blog is fantastic! See you in class.

6 02 2009
Pablo (16:00:57) :

Wow! there are 107 responses! really are you going to read mine? well, I’m going to leave a response and that’s all. And… why did you put our video? oh, it was horrible! :)

6 02 2009
Fernando (18:21:46) :

Yeah, Pablo. We read everything. And the video is not horrible: it’s very good. You were adorable creatures last year. Concerning this one, I will keep silent………….. :)


7 02 2009
Pablo S. (21:52:41) :

Well… maybe I was wrong, so sorry… but… did you say we were adorable creatures??? we werent teddy bears!! and talking about this video I’ll keep silent too. :(

7 02 2009
Fernando (22:10:01) :

I know you weren’t teddy bears!!! Just ‘nice kids’, who will behave like ‘terrible’ teenagers for a couple of years.
I insist the video is good. A lot of teachers have said so, which means they appreciated your ‘performance’.

9 02 2009
mario 4b (09:47:31) :

Hi teacher !! I haven’t commented anything for a long time for two reasons: the first, because I haven’t got time and the second that I don’t know what I can write

9 02 2009
patricia 4b (10:09:00) :

I haven’t commented a lot because I must study a lot and I haven’t got a lot of freetime!!

9 02 2009
Adryan (15:25:01) :

Really cool
The blog is very well but it’s very simple…but maybe this is a thing of myself xdd
I wait that you read my coment^^
If you like, you would go to my blog:)
nice blog


9 02 2009
francisco 4A (15:51:04) :

the blog is very good but i don’t like it very much because the blog is is writed in english and i don’t know english jejeje bye francisco 4a

9 02 2009
natalia 4a (16:32:17) :

teacher the blog is very interesting.
I really like it.


natalia 4a

9 02 2009
Cesar (Suisoo) (19:21:35) :


Nice blog, it’s really very interesting!
I get surprised when i saw the some comments are here!
But in really i think all people do how a activity to don’t get a negative tick!

Good bye!
Have a nice day!

9 02 2009
nere (19:28:48) :

Hello !
This blog is so funny.
Sarah is very funny on the video.
The one problem of this blog.. is writed in english jaja
I don’t understand something things of the blog.

I’m waiting for you read the coment and you like this.

One kiss.

neRe maRtín.


10 02 2009
Sergio 4A (16:01:31) :

Hello teacher
The blog is fine, it’s entertaining and I see that other students have written comments like me.
I am studying there review.
Goodbye, teacher.

10 02 2009
cristina (*) (16:27:37) :

While it did not sign, sorry, I had many duties and had a lot to study for exams
Well, I liked the video of the seven souls


10 02 2009
ju@n(2ºB) (21:05:20) :

hi teacher I´m look to the video of sara
jeje is really fantastic. congratulations sara
you´re the best bye

12 02 2009
# AIDA . 4ºB (12:09:06) :

The blog is working ! there are lots of comments and i hope it’ll go on.
C U ( :

# Aida .

13 02 2009
mario gp 4b (11:15:18) :

hi teacher !! today we had a very relax class because we didn’t do anythin but the only subject where we work a lot was FQ . And in english we saw some videos and one that rodrigo say to fernado .Ask Fernando about the rodrigo’s video , it’s very fine and very interesting.
It’s about a person who don’t know the difference of the pronunciations of some similar words and the other people understand another things .

16 02 2009
Ana Cuello (22:36:11) :

Hi, there!
I hope some of you remember me! I´d like to congratulate you all for the work you are doing. I´ve read some of your comments and I must say you are improving your English really quickly. In fact, some are PERFECT! (Well,… I hope you learnt something with me - je, je…)
Marga, you had a great idea with the blog! And the rest of the teachers… oh, my god … you are GREAT! You already know I miss you all!
Kisses for everybody!

16 02 2009
Fernando (22:49:03) :

If only you had stayed in Mieres….the English department team would be perfect!
We miss you too!


20 02 2009
pablo ( sanchez ) (13:22:02) :

Congratulatios, that’s a good blog and the posts are very nice.

25 02 2009
natalia 4ª (17:14:39) :

Hi teacher!
I like very much your blog because is funny and interesting
I saw all the songs and there’re great!
See you tomorrow …


natalia 4ª

1 03 2009
Marga (12:16:57) :

Hi Ana!

Lots of things going on lately at school and very little time for blog checking (unfortunately!). Thanks so much for your nice comment. Fernando is right! With you in our team, this would be just perfect.



4 03 2009
rubles (15:54:37) :

The blog is very interesting and I like it so much.
I won´t see you tomorrow because I have class with Pili, so I see you on monday


4 03 2009
Pili (19:56:53) :

Hi, Rubles
Welcome to the blog. I agree with you. This blog is fantastic.
I hope you’ll become a blog addict. C u 2morrow.

12 03 2009
Sergio 4A (18:20:16) :

Hello teacher.
I’ve been watching the trailers of 7 pounds and the reader and I find very interesting films want to see more trailers. Sergio 4A

23 03 2009
Sergio 4B (18:56:35) :

Well, Now I will let comments more frequently and watch more videos to try to understand better what people say when we do a listening, and also obviously add this blog to my favourites :)

23 03 2009
Fernando (18:59:56) :

That’s good, Sergio. It will help you improve your English.

30 03 2009
Pablo S (16:32:20) :

Hi there!! It was about time to write again… well…. I have no excuses… Yeah!! I was in Camping bon Repós, so I couldn’t write (nice excuse, ah?) :D

30 03 2009
Yoanna 3ºA (22:38:49) :

oh 135 responses! a lot!!:O
this is fabulous

31 03 2009
M PILAR (09:35:48) :

YOANNA! Congratulations! five comments in a row…..don´t complain about your English level any more , O.K? And remember Obama´s words :” yes , you can”.

1 04 2009
natalia 4ª (11:55:54) :

Hi teacher!
I like very much your blog because is funny and interesting
I saw all the film to the ice age it´s very funny….


natalia 4ª

20 04 2009
patri 4b (08:49:30) :

this goes better and better!
it has always new things to see :)
marga you work a lot!

20 04 2009
Marga (19:46:06) :

Hi Patri!

It’s not only me working in this blog. There’s a bunch of teachers behind. We can really say this is authentic team work, so thanks to all bloggers and keep visiting us!!!



6 05 2009
yure (10:58:36) :

hello theacher!!!!!
the blog is very funny
I like it, it’s very interesting.

byee =)

yure* 3ºA

6 05 2009
pablo 3A (10:58:54) :

hi! I like the blog, is a fantastic activity to practise and better my english. The videos are really interesting because the songs are very funnys!

see you!

6 05 2009
angela (10:59:11) :

this is a beautiful blog, I like it!
The only problem is that the video doesn’t work


6 05 2009
samantha (11:01:14) :

hello!! page has color ought to cheer a little bit

6 05 2009
Cristian y Adrián (11:01:50) :

Is a good blog to learn english and funny.

6 05 2009
magda (11:02:07) :

This blog is very funny but the video
doesn’t work!!


6 05 2009
Rocío (11:02:56) :

Hello teacher :)

The blog has got a lot of songs and
articles very interesting and funnies.
I like it very much.
You must continue working in it ^.^
See you .

# Rocíío 3ºA :D

6 05 2009
Lorena and Simón (11:03:21) :

Hi! This web is good for us to learn english and this our greap go up.
Today we can’t see the videos but I know that are very good. It’s more cool that the pope. =)

Greetings from Lorena and Simón

6 05 2009
pablo and aarón (11:07:15) :

hi! we think the web is a good idea! it´s a fantastic place to learn and better our english. also the videos are really interesting because the songs are very funny!

see you!

pablo AND aaron=)

6 05 2009
Yoanna 3º A (11:07:54) :

hi!:) the page is cool but should have more music as song: this is the live ;)

6 05 2009
andrea e irene (3ºa) (11:09:12) :

Hi teacher!!!
How are you?
I wait that well.
The blog is very interesting and very enterteining.
It is learned very much by the blog and especially by the songs.
Good-bye teacher .

6 05 2009
Sheila y Laura 3*c (11:09:52) :

Hello teacher.
We like the blog because is interesting.
The recomendary because is funny.

Sheila y Laura 3*C

6 05 2009
alex 3ºA (11:18:00) :

Nice blog, but i think it would be better if you put something about football or sports

18 05 2009
(*C1nTHy@*) (19:16:50) :

I’m very sad. :(
Autum we are going to miss you!!!
You’re the best and all te people love tou because you’re very good teacher and very good person (and more things, of course) .
Well, I hope you do good in your new life and I hope you’re well and thingsyou can be confortable in your country with your family.
I hope that good things will happen.
I’m not write more because I don’t like farewells, and I’m not inspired.
Sorry if I don’t extended a lot.
So bye teacher!!!!!!!!!!
I’M GOING TO MISS YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!! (L)
(K) Kisses!!
Don’t forget us, please!!
Bye bye
(*C1nTHy@*) 2ºB

1 06 2009
natalia 4ª (18:53:30) :

Hi teacher!
I like very much your blog because is funny and interesting
I saw all the film to the ice age it´s very funny….


natalia 4ª

10 06 2009
Daniel (19:33:02) :


I think we could share both students and teachers’ blogs. You’d better have a look at these blogs and channels:

Well, you can also e-mail me for further teaching materials


APIGA (English teachers’ association in Galicia)


10 06 2009
Fernando (23:26:13) :

Hi Daniel,

It’d great to share materials and ideas. We’ll have a look at the blogs and channels you suggest, and we’ll contact you.

Thanks so much for your interest.

22 06 2009
M PILAR (22:05:33) :

Have the best summer, take up a new sport, meet friends, go to parties, be happy and ….if possible…SPEAK ENGLISH! See you .Pilar.

24 07 2009
Aida (21:03:23) :

heeeeyy ! how is the summer going !!?? i hope you`re enjoying it !
Kisseeees (K)


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