Natural Science project

27 06 2012

Please check this out! Your “trip” started here.

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Recycling materials: Newsletter

22 06 2012

The 1º Bachillerato Mixto B students have prepared these articles for a CMC project.  Have a look at the newsletter to know why recycling is important and learn what you can do to become a better “recycler”.

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Playing philosophers

29 01 2012

How about getting the opportunity of discovering how our first philosophers interpreted the world?

Well, this is what our second year Bachillerato bilingual students worked on in this project  supporting  their Philosophy class.

Here’s what we asked them to do and one of the resulting videos. Impressive indeed! Congratulations to Laura, playing the role of the interviewer, and Marina as the brilliant Parmenides.


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Playing Sherlock Holmes

3 05 2010


Our students have become detectives for a while. In the next document, you can see them in the middle of a thorough investigation on a horrible murder taking place in Mieres.

Good job, guys!!

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Moving, Sánchez Lastra moving…

16 02 2010


 Following this popular song, yeah, there’s no doubt our school is moving. In fact, it seems we never stop.

 Here are two very good examples of all the good work accomplished by students and teachers. Click on the images to read through our school newsletters: Bilingual Section and Communicative Competence. What do you think about these two iniciatives.

 Newsletter. Bilingual Section

Please leave your comments. Thanks a lot!!

High technology at Spanish secondary school

27 03 2009

Students of technology have built a device which can take pictures from  the stratosphere. In this article published on The Daily Telegraph you can read about this project, and remember: if you want, you can. 

 Technology  Department

Renewable Energies

16 03 2009

Students from 1º Bach in the Bilingual Programme are currently studying this topic. Are Renewable energies a real alternative to fossil fuels?

Genetically Modified Food: For or Against?

9 02 2009

Students from 1º Bachillerato are studying a new subject this year: Science for the Contemporary World. This video can help them.

Reasons to study Technology

8 02 2009

The first day students asked me:  

Why do we have to study TECHNOLOGY?

This video describes why I believe technology is so important in our schools. Technology prepares students to live in the future and you´ll live in that future.



A Vision of Students Today

8 02 2009

You live in a digital revolution century. When your teachers were students there weren’t any computers at  schools. My first computer was a Spectrum, with neither hard disk , nor monitor or mouse, … As you’ll  see in this video, if we change it, we´ll be able to motivate students and make them work harder.