MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! … And enjoy the carol.

19 12 2011

End of the term, end of the year… and time for Christmas carols. This is really fun. We hope you enjoy it!!!

Come on, sing along!! You can check the lyrics below.

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Dear Mr President

19 01 2011

We continue working on social and cultural aspects of the USA. Here is a song by Pink, with some harsh criticism against certain policies. Do you agree with her?

Check this follow-up activity for the English class.

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Home-made musical

21 12 2009

Hi students!There have been a whole lot of things going on lately and too little time -unfortunately- to tell you about them in this blog. Now that we are all ready for Christmas break, let’s look back and briefly comment on some of them.What about starting with music and theatre? Some of you may already know what this is all about, because you took part yourselves in the auditions on December 3rd. It was great fun, wasn’t it?
AuditionsAuditions I
In fact, our language assistant had to do a lot with the idea. Within our Comenius project, SKILL, we would like to offer our guests a good dose of fun in May, when they come to visit us. We thought a musical -made by us “Sánchez Lastra Productions“- could be the perfect ingredient and we got down to work. Then, Sarah suggested the idea of having auditions for talent-hunting and so we did. We had a really good time!Students at our school will be the actors and actresses, the singers, the musicians, the dancers, the costume designers,… EVERYTHING.If you like acting, singing, dancing or are willing to help in anything, we’ll find room for you. Please tell any of your teachers you are interestedCome on and join us any time on Tuesday afternoons -we are here from 15.45 to 17.35. You’ll be more than welcome!!!!

Twilight review

5 10 2009

The students from 1º Bachillerato are learning to make movie reviews. I’m sure most you you have seen the popular Twilight, based on  the first of Stephanie Meyer’s wildly successful series of novels, so I’d like you to watch this review about the film and write your comments about Chuck’s opinion.

This song was so popular in England last year

8 05 2009

…that British people became really fed up with poor James.

Who do you think Amy is singing about?

8 05 2009

              Have you got any clue? I think I know who she is…

Black eyed peas.Don´t lie…

6 05 2009

A funny mixture :Amy and The ketchup

6 05 2009

Amy McDonald.This is the life.

6 05 2009

Do you remember x-men?

5 05 2009

Wolverine is back!!!