Happy New Year. Remember this?

5 01 2012

Here we are rescuing this lipdub we filmed last year.

With our best wishes for 2012… Despite all difficulties it may bring, we want to stick to the slogan of this song: WE GO TOGETHER!

Happy New Year to the whole school community!!

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Alex Johnson, an American in IES Sánchez Lastra

16 11 2011

Our new language assistant is called Alex Johnson.  We met him at the beginning of October when he came to our school for the first time. If you want to know more about him, this is what some students can tell you:

He is 23 years old.  He is single.  He has got blue eyes.  He has got long hair and a beard.  He is left-handed.  He is very tall and he looks like Marc Gasol.  He is very handsome and interesting and he doesn’t have a girlfriend!

   Marc Gasol   Who is who?  Alex Johnson

He is from Pasadena (Los Angeles - USA), but now he is living in Oviedo.  He has two brothers and one sister.  One of his brothers lives in Boston.  He plays the ukelele and the clarinet.  Last year he was a language assistant in Zaragoza.

He likes rock and heavy.  He also likes flamenco and playing basketball. He supports Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.  He likes Metallica.

Some of the plants in his state, California, are not native from that area, so he likes Asturias because it’s very green. He also likes our food.

What else do you know about him?  Help us complete his description and write your post!

Check out our school magazine!

21 06 2011

Don’t miss our last number! Click on the image and enjoy the news.

Our best wishes for a nice, nice summer… See you back in September!!


Let’s go to Baza (Granada)

25 05 2011

                                                                                                            CLASS EXCHANGE

The students from form 2 E.S.O.-B are going to visit our partner school I.E.S. Pedro Jiménez Montoya in Baza (Granada). We’re leaving next Sunday (May, 29th) and we’ll come back on Friday (June,3rd).            

They visited us last year in May and now we’re looking forward to meeting them again. Everybody is excited about this class Exchange.           

Here is the programme our teachers from Baza have prepared for us. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it!

Visit programme

Check our school magazine enLASTRA2

28 02 2011

Hey, we’ve reached number 3 of our school magazine enLASTRA2. Our reporters have done an excellent job. You can check yourselves. So many interesting things going on inside and outside the classrooms…

Now we are getting ready for a special day on March 17th. Students of ESO will have the chance of taking part in different workshops and activities.


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An image is worth a thousand words

12 06 2010

Here is an illustrated report of our SKILL Class Exchange. ENJOY THE PICTURES! And don’t forget to leave your comments!!

Click here.

SKILL CLASS EXCHANGE. What an experience!!

1 06 2010

Students and teachersHi everybody! Last week has been a hectic one -and full of experiences, right? What a nice group in the picture!!We hope all participants have had a wonderful time together. Also students in classes involved in SKILL project (2B and 3B) but not hosting any Dutch student. They also joined the group in many of the activities.We are interested in knowing your feelings and impressions about this exchange. Why don’t you share them with us here and leave your comments. We are looking forward to reading them.A big hug to everybody and check the rest of the pics!! Read the rest of this entry »

The countdown!!

17 05 2010

  Skill logo   Things are ready and we are looking forward to spending a great time together with our partners from Kandinsky College.

Everybody is excited here. We’ve been working hard to prepare an appealing programme which give us the opportunity to learn and share together, our own slogan in this blog.

Please check the noticeboard for dates. Have a look at the programme and, above all, tell us about your expectations and feelings.

 Thanks everybody for your contributions.

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Playing Sherlock Holmes

3 05 2010


Our students have become detectives for a while. In the next document, you can see them in the middle of a thorough investigation on a horrible murder taking place in Mieres.

Good job, guys!!

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School musical

25 04 2010

 Check out this poster! You might be interested!!! We are waiting for you.

It will be so much fun!!Come on and join if you like dancing and think you can get a place in the show.

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Check  Rehearsal calendar