Some of my favorite works of graffitti

31 01 2012



These are some photos from the lesson on American graffitti and public art.  I decided to post my favorite ones, and hope that you guys can continue with your awesome comments and ideas about them.



1 03 2011

We’ve been dealing with teenage world lately. No doubt, internet is an essential tool for your people nowadays. But what are some of the real threats of the internet?

 Watch the following video on cyberbullying. Click on the image to watch it.

A survey on young people

18 02 2011

Students in 4B are working on a unit about young people in their English class. They have discussed in groups about what their main concerns and interests are, but we would like to spread this survey to the whole school.

Will you help us, please?

With the results of the survey, they will film a videoclip explaining what they have done all throughout this interesting project. Quite promising, huh?

We show here a brief report, which we invite you to check.

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Click here to answer the questionnaire. Thanks a lot for taking part!!!

Here is a summary of the results

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Dear Mr President

19 01 2011

We continue working on social and cultural aspects of the USA. Here is a song by Pink, with some harsh criticism against certain policies. Do you agree with her?

Check this follow-up activity for the English class.

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American culture

17 01 2011

American culture through the eyes of three young students. Enjoy the video and tell us what you think about it!!


Stalin’s Death Squads

3 10 2010

We are analyzing in our Unit “Free Citizens” in 4th ESO Bilingual two political systems: Democracy and Totalitarianism. One of your tasks consists of watching the following video and answer several questions about it.

Watch the video here and complete the activity on your copies.

To finish up the unit,  share your conclusions here: How can we contribute to improve our country’s level of democracy?

International Women’s Day. March 8th

7 03 2010

 Click on the image and visit this interesting website providing a whole lot of information about the origins of this celebration, milestones, relevant women throughout history, their fighting for rights, slogans,…Join the celebration!!

A survey on healthy habits

21 12 2009

Survey    Would you like to know about students’, teachers’ and families’ habits? That’s exactly what some students have been doing in a project coordinated by our Physical Education teacher, Cintia de Saa.This is a call to all students taking part in this activity. Please comment here how it went and tell us about some of the conclusions in the survey

Human Rights Day 2009

9 12 2009


December 10th, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which we commemorate every year on this same date (follow the link for a complete version of this Declaration in different languages).

In IES Sánchez Lastra we want to join this important celebration and for that reason we have organized different class activities around the topic of Human Rights, to basically encourage reflection and awareness of our world’s reality and, in a way, contribute to make our society a better and fairer one.

Click on the image to find out more about this day, this year’s focus on non-discrimination, previous Human Rights Days, different stories, videos,…

Just to give you an idea of things going on in our classes, here’s a brief summary of activities:

- Selection of certain articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Translation of their main ideas into English and French. Design of posters with these translations and some reflections on the articles, class discussions,…

-Videos to watch, reflect and arise class discussion.

-Identifying human rights in songs and debating on how music can also be used to condemn unfair situations. Designing posters and presenting them in front of the class.  

Please, don’t forget to share your impressions and points of view. Leave a comment and tell us how you have liked what we’ve been working on. THANKS EVERYBODY!!

Incredible but true

15 03 2009

           Hard luck! this man wanted to commit suicide and see what happened..