Farewell to SKILL.

19 12 2011

Last Thursday, December 15th, we said farewell to our dear Comenius SKILL. We took this opportunity to gather students and families once again, present our Multilingual Guide for Language Learners and hand out a copy of it and a diploma to all participants.

Pilar Cortejoso, in charge of International Programmes in the Education Office, and Fernando Zapico, a dear old colleague and friend, now coordinating the Service of Plurilinguism, joined us on this occasion.

Thanks everybody for attending the meeting, for taking part so actively throughout the project and a special acknowledgement to our students for their fine work.

SKILL forever!!

Bye, bye SKILL

24 08 2011

After two whole years of intense work, it’s time to say goodbye to our Comenius SKILL. Here is a report of some of the milestones in the project made by the protagonists themselves, while waiting for our final product: a multilingual guide for language learners and a CD with a compilation of work and activities developed within SKILL. COMING UP VERY SOON!!!

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Learning about our countries

21 06 2011

Students in 3B also had their chance to do a writing project together with the students from Kandinsky College. This time they did the typical pen pal writing activity. They wrote a couple of letters to their Dutch partners telling about themselves, their hobbies, their town…

In one of the letters teachers asked them to include 10 questions about their own country so that their partners had to make some research to find out the answers and, at the same time, learn quite a few interesting things about Spain, The Netherlands, Mieres and Nijmegen.

To finish up this project, they showed part of what they had learnt on the posters you can see by clicking here.

Collaborative creative writing

21 06 2011

Here we are once again to share one of our SKILL projects with you. This time it has to do with writing; no doubt a skill that takes time and effort. That’s probably why some students are so reluctant when it comes to carry out a writing task.

This time, however, it was more fun than usual. Our students had to make up short stories and leave out the ending so that their Dutch partners could finish them up. Students from Kandinsky College, on their side, did exactly the same.

At the end of this activity, students compared the two final versions and shared their impressions about the results: were the two endings completely different? Did they share any similarities? What about the language used? Which shows a better command of English? What were the most common mistakes?…

We encourage you to read the following selection of the stories written by students in 4B. Now that summer holidays are round the corner, reading is a good way of making the most of your free time. ENJOY READING!!

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Celebrating Comenius Week

3 05 2011


From May 2nd to 9th, all participating schools in Comenius Programme have been invited to celebrate a special week. As you might know, every year on May 9th we celebrate Europe Day, a perfect occasion to show and disseminate the results of European cooperation in education.

In our case, here is a photo gallery of the meeting we held last week with all participants and of the exhibition displayed in our Comenius corner at the school hall. ENJOY IT AND LET’S CELEBRATE EUROPE AND COMENIUS!!!

Click on the image to check our pics!

More Comenius SKILL

6 11 2010

This time we want to show you the presentations our students made in Holland, deepening in some important aspects of the country and the city of Nijmegen.

Click on the pictures to check them out!!

General informationRoman timesThe eighty years warArt and cultureThe effects of the warNijmegen bombing 1994

Check also this interview and sentences that participitants from 4ºB have done as part of SKILL class exchange feedback. From their own report, we can definitely say they had a great time in Holland and, of course, they learnt a whole lot about the country, the people, their culture, English… Read and you’ll find out why these class exchanges are worthwhile.

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And now enjoy some of the videos we filmed with our protagonists!


Video 1   Video 2    Video 3    Video 4    Video 5   Video 6   Video 7    Video 8   Video 9   Video 10

Enjoy the pics!

26 10 2010

Here’s an album with some photos of our class exchange in Holland. Tell us if you like it. It was hard to pick up the pictures. They were all so nice!

Why don’t you share some anecdotes with us? Sure that these pics bring you some fun memories.

Click on the image and discover more pics.

We are back!!

15 10 2010

Farewell dinner

With a bunch of experiences left behind that we are sure will last forever in our memories. These ten days have been so intense: we have worked a lot, we have learnt lots of things about life in Holland and, above all, we have made a whole lot of new friends.

Thanks everybody for your positive attitude and for making the most of this exchange. We are looking forward to hearing from you all (students, teachers, families…) so, come on, share your impressions with us.

By the way, Spanish students, don’t forget to hand in to your teachers all the work you did in Holland, including your diary.

You can print it out from here by clicking on it.

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Do you want to see what some students wrote about their experience in their diaries. Here are four very nice examples: two from 3B and other two from 4B. Click on the links to see them.

Sara’s diary               Carla’s diary             Pablo’s diary          Helena’s diary

Chronicles from Nijmegen

9 10 2010

Here’s our first group photo in Nijmegen, taken last Wednesday during our tour of the city. Everybody is having a good time here and getting really fit with the everyday cycling to school, by the way!  Students are making the most of this experience, no doubt.

On the first day we were shown the school and we attended a very interesting history class dealing with common aspects in Spanish and Dutch history. We also learnt a bit more about Anne Frank, one of the most famous victims of nazism and whose biography is directly linked with Holland. We had worked on several projects in class before coming and we visited her house, the secret annex, yesterday on our visit to Amsterdam. Before that we went for a ride along the canals on special canal bikes. It was great fun!

On Friday students were working on some presentations about Nijmegen and Holland which they will present in front of their Dutch partners next Tuesday. As you can see, they are WORKING hard, the same as the rest of the students at IES Sánchez Lastra. In fact, they will be working on Tuesday 12th, when everybody else will have the day off!! Of course, living this experience is worth it and they don’t mind.

They might even have time to comment this post and share their first impressions here on the blog, so stay alert. In the meantime, you can make your own comments as well, especially people from 3B and 4B. Please do!!

This is all for the moment, folks!Wink

Check out some pictures on the Kandinsky College website (October 7).

Off we go!!

1 10 2010

  First of all, welcome everyone back. We wish you all a fruitful school year and we hope this blog helps you out with your English the same way as in previous years.

Apart from greeting you, we would also like to share with you some information about our imminent class exchange within Comenius project SKILL. Participants in it will be leaving next Tuesday (October 5th) and will spend ten whole days in Nijmegen, sharing a fantastic experience with pupils from our partner school Kandinsky College.

Everybody is really excited about it. What will it be like to live with a host family there? What about the school? What cultural differences will we experience? A whole bunch of questions and expectations, no doubt.Why don’t you, as a participant, tell us how you feel just a few days before leaving?

Here are the Dutch materials our teacher Klass van Leeuwen prepared for the group. Though it may seem incredible our students can now make a personal presentation in Dutch. Wooow, impressive!! Good job,guys!

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