Some of my favorite works of graffitti

31 01 2012



These are some photos from the lesson on American graffitti and public art.  I decided to post my favorite ones, and hope that you guys can continue with your awesome comments and ideas about them.


Fun or funny?

19 10 2009

Hi students! A video to make you distinguish between these two confusing words, especially for Spanish speakers. I hope it helps!!
By the way, don’t miss this language channel. You’ll find many interesting things to support what you learn in

Enrich your vocabulary

18 01 2009

There are lots of good sites on the internet to help you practise and enrich your vocabulary. We’ll begin by recommending these three:

VISUAL DICTIONARIES.- We have recommended these two so far.

Vocabulary available in La Mansión del Inglés.- Lots of topics available. You can also practise pronunciation.

ESL Image Library.- Especially suitable for students in 1st and 2nd ESO.