Playing philosophers

29 01 2012

How about getting the opportunity of discovering how our first philosophers interpreted the world?

Well, this is what our second year Bachillerato bilingual students worked on in this project  supporting  their Philosophy class.

Here’s what we asked them to do and one of the resulting videos. Impressive indeed! Congratulations to Laura, playing the role of the interviewer, and Marina as the brilliant Parmenides.


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Happy New Year. Remember this?

5 01 2012

Here we are rescuing this lipdub we filmed last year.

With our best wishes for 2012… Despite all difficulties it may bring, we want to stick to the slogan of this song: WE GO TOGETHER!

Happy New Year to the whole school community!!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! … And enjoy the carol.

19 12 2011

End of the term, end of the year… and time for Christmas carols. This is really fun. We hope you enjoy it!!!

Come on, sing along!! You can check the lyrics below.

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Farewell to SKILL.

19 12 2011

Last Thursday, December 15th, we said farewell to our dear Comenius SKILL. We took this opportunity to gather students and families once again, present our Multilingual Guide for Language Learners and hand out a copy of it and a diploma to all participants.

Pilar Cortejoso, in charge of International Programmes in the Education Office, and Fernando Zapico, a dear old colleague and friend, now coordinating the Service of Plurilinguism, joined us on this occasion.

Thanks everybody for attending the meeting, for taking part so actively throughout the project and a special acknowledgement to our students for their fine work.

SKILL forever!!

Thanksgiving Day

24 11 2011

Today (fourth Thursday in November) is Thanksgiving Day in the USA.  Most of you have probably heard of this celebration, especially in American films: all the family getting together for a meal around the typical turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving Simpsons

However, do you know the real origin of this national holiday? 

If you want to know more about it, why don’t you become a detective and try to solve the mystery of the first Thanksgiving Day?  Click on this interactive activity and leave your comments.



Alex Johnson, an American in IES Sánchez Lastra

16 11 2011

Our new language assistant is called Alex Johnson.  We met him at the beginning of October when he came to our school for the first time. If you want to know more about him, this is what some students can tell you:

He is 23 years old.  He is single.  He has got blue eyes.  He has got long hair and a beard.  He is left-handed.  He is very tall and he looks like Marc Gasol.  He is very handsome and interesting and he doesn’t have a girlfriend!

   Marc Gasol   Who is who?  Alex Johnson

He is from Pasadena (Los Angeles - USA), but now he is living in Oviedo.  He has two brothers and one sister.  One of his brothers lives in Boston.  He plays the ukelele and the clarinet.  Last year he was a language assistant in Zaragoza.

He likes rock and heavy.  He also likes flamenco and playing basketball. He supports Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.  He likes Metallica.

Some of the plants in his state, California, are not native from that area, so he likes Asturias because it’s very green. He also likes our food.

What else do you know about him?  Help us complete his description and write your post!

Bye, bye SKILL

24 08 2011

After two whole years of intense work, it’s time to say goodbye to our Comenius SKILL. Here is a report of some of the milestones in the project made by the protagonists themselves, while waiting for our final product: a multilingual guide for language learners and a CD with a compilation of work and activities developed within SKILL. COMING UP VERY SOON!!!

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Check out our school magazine!

21 06 2011

Don’t miss our last number! Click on the image and enjoy the news.

Our best wishes for a nice, nice summer… See you back in September!!


Learning about our countries

21 06 2011

Students in 3B also had their chance to do a writing project together with the students from Kandinsky College. This time they did the typical pen pal writing activity. They wrote a couple of letters to their Dutch partners telling about themselves, their hobbies, their town…

In one of the letters teachers asked them to include 10 questions about their own country so that their partners had to make some research to find out the answers and, at the same time, learn quite a few interesting things about Spain, The Netherlands, Mieres and Nijmegen.

To finish up this project, they showed part of what they had learnt on the posters you can see by clicking here.

Collaborative creative writing

21 06 2011

Here we are once again to share one of our SKILL projects with you. This time it has to do with writing; no doubt a skill that takes time and effort. That’s probably why some students are so reluctant when it comes to carry out a writing task.

This time, however, it was more fun than usual. Our students had to make up short stories and leave out the ending so that their Dutch partners could finish them up. Students from Kandinsky College, on their side, did exactly the same.

At the end of this activity, students compared the two final versions and shared their impressions about the results: were the two endings completely different? Did they share any similarities? What about the language used? Which shows a better command of English? What were the most common mistakes?…

We encourage you to read the following selection of the stories written by students in 4B. Now that summer holidays are round the corner, reading is a good way of making the most of your free time. ENJOY READING!!

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