La lucha contra la esclavitud

30 11 2013


En vista de que algunos alumnos de Ciudadanía necesitan incrementar su nota debido a cierta dejadez en la realización de tareas y del trabajo de investigación, os voy a proponer una nueva actividad voluntaria para realizar.

Se trata de hacer una reflexión sobre la esclavitud pero desde el punto de vista de la sociedad actual. Hemos estado hablando en clase de que el endurecimiento de las condiciones laborales en algunos sectores está provocando situaciones de acoso laboral, explotación e incluso riesgo de muerte en el desempeño de las tareas laborales.

Como ejemplo os cito el caso de Franns Rilles Melgar, un trabajador boliviano de 33 años que en 2009 perdió el brazo en el puesto de trabajo y fue abandonado por sus propios jefes ante la posibilidad de que se les denunciara por no cumplir las adecuadas condiciones contractuales.

Franns trabajaba en jornadas de más de 10 horas por un sueldo mísero y sin compromiso de continuidad. Tras perder un brazo al trabajar con la máquina de hacer pan, sus jefes le abandonaron a las puertas de un hospital diciéndole lo siguiente:  Si te preguntan, comenta que tuviste un accidente, pero no digas nada de la empresa. Es decir, se desentendieron totalmente de la situación que habían generado y además le pidieron que no les denunciase.

No opinó lo mismo la familia de Franss, que denunció los hechos a los medios de comunicación. Franss fue un hombre afortunado porque su familia creyó en su versión de la historia y le defendió con uñas y dientes. Así fue como pudo recuperarse de un suceso tan traumático para él. Ver artículo aquí.


La actividad consiste en buscar información sobre la esclavitud en el mundo, tanto de trabajadores como de mujeres y niños. Tenéis que escoger un caso concreto y escribir unas diez líneas resumiéndolo con vuestras propias palabras. A continuación hay que incluir una valoración personal expresando vuestra opinión sobre lo que le sucedió a la víctima. ¡Ánimo con la tarea!

Plazo máximo de realización de la actividad: 15 de Diciembre. 21 horas. Dicho día se publicarán todas las respuestas y su corrección.



I give you the opportunity to improve your mark by doing the following activity.

Search for information about a case in which a person has suffered because of slavery in today’s world (mobbing, labor exploitation, white slave traffic, child workers, etc.). Tell me the story of that person and write also your opinion about it. (Write at least ten lines). Come on, it’s easy to do!

Deadline: December 15.  9 p.m.

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6 Comentarios a “La lucha contra la esclavitud”

13 12 2013
Alejandra (08:15:09) :

Ana María
Every day after school, Ana Maria , a girl of 11 years old , leaves his home in Fontibón neighborhood west of Bogota, with his mom and two brothers heading toward 82nd Street , north of city ​​. This is repeated every day, except Monday , a day that used to rest, is to load from home three drawers full of candy and cigarettes that target the Zona Rosa, a site that bus takes an hour and half from home.
“Everyone takes care of ‘ rejects ‘ and the smaller accompanying my mom,” he says.

Ana Maria works and studies . Every day he gets up at 4:30 am to meet their school day in the school district Fontibón , and , after lunch, goes to work .

Some days midweek extend until 10 pm and on weekends go until dawn.

My take on what happened is obviously bad, it’s horrible that children should work and less for fear that their parents kicked. What happens to this girl is no different to what happens to many others. She and all children have the right to study, something many of them do not because they are dedicated to work at home because they require. It’s not fair to be up at 4:30 am and end at 10 pm or until dawn.

15 12 2013
Paula Rodríguez López (08:51:43) :

An example: It was detected in a factory of China called Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics, place where 74 irregularities were revealed throughout the year 2012, related by the children’s use for his exploitation in armed of products. And in total like result of all the inspections other 11 factories appeared, adding 106 active cases of child labour and different 70 that happened in the past. Returning to Guangdong Real’s case Faith Pingzhou Electronics, there was discovered that the culprit was the contractor entrusted to recruit the workers, a company of human resources called Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources that was helping the relatives of the minors to obtain false documents to feign an acceptable age legally to work, which in China is established in 16 years, for what one would be speaking about minors under this age that they were exploited.
In my opinion we should contribute all, in order that this stops happening, because I am sure that there are many more cases of infantile exploitation without discovering, and believe that some others of children spending it badly and probably they will not be having education

15 12 2013
Alejandra Fernández Viña (09:20:16) :

Here we have an example of slavery:The Mossos d’Esquadra has dismantled a textile workshop in Badalona of infantile exploitation. The children were all of Bangladesh and had them hours sewing and ironing in an underground of 40 square meters. The minors have between 12 and 18 years and they were paying 200 monthly Euros to them for being employed six daily hours at school schedule. The underground was placed under an oven and was permanently monitored by an adult. In the roundup two persons have detained also original Bangladesh, concretely, the propietari of the oven that and the man entrusted to monitor the minors.
In my opinion I believe that some adults and major persons can manage to be very cruel with the children, because I believe that it should not do it of forcing a child that works, it is not just. My opinion about this case is that these children though they receive money should not work because they are in a few minimal conditions and to part like charm before it is not possible to force a child to work.

16 12 2013
Alba Guerrero (07:16:30) :

The last 25 of february 2013 a Nigerian worker Dare Samuel Aremu share a video in internet related his case of “modern slavery” . He worked as a recioptenist in a guesthouse 296 hour per 625 € ,but in his payslip show 2 hour per week earn 63,17€ ,the othe was in black money .Her wife call to the office and they say “this is that we have”then he talk with a son of owner and he say that the next month grow his contract but Samuel didn’t believe because his contract ends on 28 of february .
He was ill some days and when he feel better return to his job.This day a son of the owner was waiting for he outside of the guesthouse and other 3 son of the owner are waiting for he inside then close the door and start to bully he to erasser the video but he deny then they quit his mobil phone for prep call the police and they start hiting and beating Samuel luckily he get escape

16 12 2013
Antonella (09:13:35) :

Three women were rescued of a housing in the south of London after supposedly having remained retained in situation of domestic slavery for 30 years, reported today the Metropolitan Police (Met) in a communiqué. As part of this investigation, two persons, a man and a woman, both of 67 years, were detained today in a domicile of the south of London, according to this source. Three women - the Malaysian one of 69 years, an Irish of 57 and one 30-year-old Britisher - are very traumatized and they were rescued thanks to the intervention in October of the charitable organization Freedom Charity, indicated Scotland Yard. Freedom Charity put in touch with the Police after receiving a call of a woman who said to have been retained in opposition to his will during more than 30 years, added the Met. After initiating an investigation, the Police could locate the housing and, after a few ” sensitive negotiations ” carried out by the charitable organization, three women were rescued, it specifies Scotland Yard’s note.
I think having today slavery cases isn’t good beacause we are in the 21st century and all people think these type of problems are solved, that’s why we have to have the people aroused, i mean if they see indications of that, notice to the police and stop it.
Women’s its not the only type of slavery we have, we have too child labour, and at the job, when people work a lot and pay a little, forced marriage, children soldiers, prostitution …

16 12 2013
Conchi (09:53:01) :

Well done girls. You did a good job so you’ll increase your final mark this term. I’m very proud of you. See you in class.

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