Stand up!

12 03 2014

Hello boys and girls! This week I am going to show you this video about women’s rights. I want you to think about this important moral issue because women’s rights are violated all over the world and we must care about it.

Being a woman is still dangerous because women don’t have the same opportunities as men, the same access to money, the same access to education / information, and the same rights related to their sexuality (they can be raped, get pregnant, suffer from sexual harassment, have to raise their children alone, etc.). This world has to change a lot if we want women to feel safe and equal.

Here you are an optional activity to increase your final mark:

a) Comment the information that the video tells us.

b) Do you know any real case in which a woman has suffered because of the violation of her rights? Tell us and say your opinion.

That’s all for now. Remember that you have to finish your assignments about women’s rights. See you in class.

Deadline: March 23.  9 p.m.

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2 Comentarios a “Stand up!”

16 03 2014
Daniela Stromer Gutiérrez (18:10:07) :

a) The video tells us that women’s rights are still violated. We have to continue fighting and, finally, end with this. It will take a lot of time, but we have to see the positive side, and look at the past and see how far women have advanced in this battle. I think at least one person in every place in the world is fighting and hoping this will change. But there is also a lot of people who don’t respect this. After all, I think this is changing. Because, although it is difficult to be taught at school, children understand this and their mind is changing. We must take into account that some guys will be ready to mistreat women in the future just because they have been taught that way at home. But I think, in that future, there is going to be a lot of people to fight against it, so that we will achieve our goal and make that horrible mind to be dissolved and not to upset more generations.

b) Now I don’t have any case in mind, but I know there are a lot. The most recent general one is the abortion right. I think it is indescribably cruel to deprive women of abortion when, inside of them, there is not still a human being. I also understand the other side of the issue. A lot of people would say: “She had to see the consequences before acting”, and they are saying the truth. But also women must have that right. They are not hurting anyone. There would be lots of opinions, I know, but this is mine.

24 03 2014
Conchi (17:27:43) :

Daniela, I really like your ideas and also the way you say them. It seems that you are going to be a very good English speaker, because you know how to express your opinions about moral issues properly.
Congratulations, keep doing it like that.

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