Artículos de Febrero 2007

Self-evaluation for students in Doña Jimena School

Sábado, 17 Febrero 2007

When we held our first Comenius meeting of this Project in Loreto-Italy, we decided to do two different surveys this year with the main aim of studying and appreciating the importance of the knowledge and use of foreign languages, in this case English. Here you can see the results of student’s survey graphically. If you want to know the full results of the survey, you must open the page in this blog.

The results of the survey show that students are quite satisfied with their level of English as far as listening, reading and writing concerned. When asked if they can listen and understand easy texts or dialogues about everyday matters (Listening), most of them (56 - 80 %) answered affirmatively. The same applies to those questions related to their understanding of short, written stories (Reading), or their competence to write e-mails, messages or short descriptions of people and places (Writing).Speaking, however, seems to be a tough skill for them. A 57 % say that they can have a conversation exchanging personal information, but only a 37 % feel that they can describe a person or a place, or talk about a past event.

Comenius meeting in Loreto - Italy

Sábado, 17 Febrero 2007

The first meeting of this Comenius project took place during November (25-30) in Loreto –
Italy. It was a very enriching experience because Istituto d`Istruzione Superiore Albert Einstein has an old tradition in Comenius projects. The teachers of languages department believe firmly in the need and benefit of travelling, practicing languages, mixing with students of other countries. We agreed that the goal of this project should be to get a motivation and stimulus to:

  • develop strategies and methodologies in language learning and teaching;
  • renovate our curricula sharing good practices;
  • produce educational materials;
  • improve our language competence.

Doña Jimena Secondary School in Gijón (Asturias) - Spain

Jueves, 15 Febrero 2007

This is a comprehensive secondary school in the centre of Gijón, which is the biggest town in the region of
Asturias; in this academic year it has 646 pupils from 12-18 years old.
We have decided to design a 3-year programme whose main aim would be to implement the bilingual teaching in our school. It would involve some of our 1st E.S.O. students, who would voluntarily agree to enter the programme.
In the first year, students of 1º E.S.O. would be involved in a survey to make them conscious of the level of communicative competence they should reach and find out how many would be interested in entering the programme. This would enable us to select a group of them who could hopefully succeed in getting most out of it.
On the other hand, the teachers involved would get in touch with other secondary schools in which a similar project is being developed at the moment. We would gather as much information as possible about different aspects of this experience.

Instituto d’Istruzione Superiori Albert Einstein in Loreto - Italy

Jueves, 8 Febrero 2007


Instituto d’Istruzione Superiori Albert Einstein is a school where students can make two different vocational modules: Administrative studies (Comérciale) and catering school (Alberghiero ). In spite of working like two practically independent schools, in separated buildings, it’s the same Instituto, with an only headmaster and two directors of studies. It has 800 students more or less (14 to 18/9). When the students finish their studies, they usually find a job fairly quickly in shops, restaurants, ….. It is an area very frequented by the tourists as much in summer (the towns of the coast) as in the rest of the year (religious tourism - Loreto).