Doña Jimena Secondary School in Gijón (Asturias) - Spain

This is a comprehensive secondary school in the centre of Gijón, which is the biggest town in the region of
Asturias; in this academic year it has 646 pupils from 12-18 years old.
We have decided to design a 3-year programme whose main aim would be to implement the bilingual teaching in our school. It would involve some of our 1st E.S.O. students, who would voluntarily agree to enter the programme.
In the first year, students of 1º E.S.O. would be involved in a survey to make them conscious of the level of communicative competence they should reach and find out how many would be interested in entering the programme. This would enable us to select a group of them who could hopefully succeed in getting most out of it.
On the other hand, the teachers involved would get in touch with other secondary schools in which a similar project is being developed at the moment. We would gather as much information as possible about different aspects of this experience.

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