Self-evaluation for students in Doña Jimena School

When we held our first Comenius meeting of this Project in Loreto-Italy, we decided to do two different surveys this year with the main aim of studying and appreciating the importance of the knowledge and use of foreign languages, in this case English. Here you can see the results of student’s survey graphically. If you want to know the full results of the survey, you must open the page in this blog.

The results of the survey show that students are quite satisfied with their level of English as far as listening, reading and writing concerned. When asked if they can listen and understand easy texts or dialogues about everyday matters (Listening), most of them (56 - 80 %) answered affirmatively. The same applies to those questions related to their understanding of short, written stories (Reading), or their competence to write e-mails, messages or short descriptions of people and places (Writing).Speaking, however, seems to be a tough skill for them. A 57 % say that they can have a conversation exchanging personal information, but only a 37 % feel that they can describe a person or a place, or talk about a past event.

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