Lancaster Comenius meeting

The second meeting of this Comenius was held during April (25-30) in Lancaster-England. Teachers from the three schools involved in the project met there in order to share the results of the different surveys we had previously agreed to carry out among our students.

We also had the opportunity of seeing the importance the acquisition of a foreign language is given at Ripley St. Thomas High School., where students have the chance to study five different modern languages (French, German, Spanish Russian, Japanese). Giving students the opportunity of learning a foreign language has become one of the priorities of the school and in this way in 1996 the school was designated an excellence for the study of modern languages and granted Language school status. This interest in foreign languages has led some teachers to get deeply involved in several Comenius projects, firmly believing that travelling and mixing with students from other countries is the best way to improve their students’ knowledge of modern languages.

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