Ripley St. Thomas High School in Lancaster (England)

Ripley St Thomas Church of England High School is a large secondary school with approximately 2600 students aged 11 to 18. The school is structured into four Houses. Within those Houses students  are placed in a form with a form tutor who keeps each  pupil’s progress under regular review.  At the same time, as a church school the spiritual dimension plays an important role in the school’s everyday life.

Placed in Lancaster, England, the school sees the acquisition of a foreign language as an essential skill  for young people. In 1996 the school was granted Language College status and it also got an excellence for the study of modern languages. Students are offered a wide curriculum  including different vocational subjects such as Applied Business studies, Child Development,  Health and social Care and Rural and Agriculture  Science. The importance given to  modern languages can be seen in the great variety of foreign languages studied at the school ( French, German, Spanish , Russian, Japanese ).

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