Questionnaire 1 - FOR STUDENTS



Self-evaluation for 2º E.S.O. students
In English, I can: YES NO SO-SO
1. listen to and understand dialogues about daily routines      
2. listen to and undertand a short story, or a description of a person or place      
3. have a short conversation exchanging personal information (family, hobbies …)      
4. describe orally a person or a place using the appropriate vocabulary      
5. tell a story using the past tense      
6. read and understand short messages, e-mails, advertisements, …      
7. read and understand short texts (a simple story, a tale, an article in a newpaper …)      
8. write a short letter or an e-mail to a foreign pen-friend      
9. write a short description of a famous person or place      
10. write a short dialogue suggesting plans for the weekend