The first floating city

    It sounds like a science fiction story - a city, one and a half kilometres long, sailing slowly around the world. Well, it isn’t a science fiction story, it’s reality. The floating city is going to be called Freedom Ship, and a company is going to start building it in Honduras very soon.

It’s going to take three years to build Freedom Ship. When it’s finished, it will be the largest ship in the world. It will be nearly a mile long, 220 metres wide and 100 metres tall. There will be space for 40,000 people in total - 10,000 people will work there and 30,000 people will have homes. There will be a shopping centre, a swimming pool, a gym, and even an airport. And the inhabitants won’t need to worry about their children’s education. Freedom Ship will have its own school and university.

Freedom Ship won’t move around all the time. Every few weeks, it will stop on the coast of a country - a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, for example - and it will stay there for a while. One complete journey around the world will take about two years.

If you visit the Freedom Ship website, you’ll find a lot more information about the project. You can look at a plan of Freedom Ship, and listen to an advert, too. Of course, the home is Freedom Ship won’t be cheap. You’ll need to pay $150,000 for the smallest homes. If you want to buy a larger home, you’ll need $$0 million! And you’ll need to hurry if you want one. They’ve already sold 15% of the homes!     

(Text from HOLIDAY ENGLISH   4º ESO   -  OXFORD) 



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