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Animals in danger

Martes, 1 Abril 2008

Why are animals in danger?


A million years ago there were a lot more species of animals than there are now. Of course, some species disappear naturally, but today they are disappearing faster than before.

Animals are in danger from natural accidents; some animals die because of small changes in the weather. But animals are also in danger from our behaviour. We cannot protect animals - or people - from accidents or changing weather, but we can think about our behaviour and change that.

We put new buildings on empty land and do not think about animals. We make new roads; we move rivers; we take away trees.

Sometimes we take animals from their natural home to a different country. In this new home, other animals do not know the newcomer and are afraid of it. Black rats went by ship from Asia to the Galapagos Islands and killed many different species of birds. Some of those birds lived nowhere but the Galapagos, but after the rats came they disappeared.

Some visitors to new places take pictures of animals, but other visitors hunt and kill them. They do not kill the animals for food, but because they like hunting.

In many countries people can also make a lot of money from animals. Elephants die because people want ivory. Rhinoceros die because people want to buy their horns. Many bigger animals are in danger because their coats are beautiful and some people would like to have them to put in their houses, or to wear.

Pollution of our land, seas, rivers and sky is getting worse and worse. We are making our world a much dirtier place, so many animals cannot live in it. Pollution is bad for all of us. It is killing animals. Sooner or later it is going to kill people too.

The number of people in the world is getting bigger all the time. More people in bigger cities take more land and make more pollution. So we are taking the natural homes of animals very fast. Where can they go? In the end, the answer is often nowhere … and the animals die.

(Text from Animals in Danger   -    OXFORD BOOKWORMS 1)