Artículos de Mayo 2008

The history of popcorn

Viernes, 9 Mayo 2008


The American indians invented “popcorn” in about 3000 BC. Christopher Columbus and his men bought popcorn from the inhabitants of the West Indies, but it was in the form of necklaces. Hernando Cortes saw popcorn when he invaded  Mexico City because the Aztecs wore popcorn jewellery at religious ceremonies. Indians from the Wapanoag tribe brought bags of popcorn to the first Thanksgiving meal in 1621, so European settlers in America soon discovered it was a tasty snack. We call popcorn “popcorn” because the word “pop” means “a small explosive sound,” and that’s the sound we hear when we cook popcorn.

(Text from Link Up    -    OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS)


The history of the sandwich

Viernes, 9 Mayo 2008


John Montagu was an eighteenth century English aristocrat. He loved playing cards, and in 1762 he played a game of cards for 24 hours. He got hungry from time to time, so his cook brought him snacks of meat and cheese between slices of bread. That way Montagu could hold his cards in one hand and his food in the other hand. We call a snack of food between two slices of bread a “sandwich” because Montagu’s aristocratic title was the Earl of Sandwich. Nobody knows the name of Montagu’s cook, but he or she certainly invented a tasty winner!

(Text from Link Up   -   OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS)