Artículos de Marzo 2009

Virtual shopping centres

Miércoles, 4 Marzo 2009

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Internet shopping is already popular with millions of customers around the world. People buy books, CDs and videos over the Internet. They also buy clothes and accessories. For example, some fashion websites offer a personalized service: you can upload a photograph of your face and “try on” different sunglasses!

In the future, shopping will continue to change quickly. In a few decades, banknotes and coins probably won’t exist. People will use credit cards and they’ll buy everything over the Internet. Shopping will be a lot easier for customes, but it won’t be good for shop assistants. They won’t have jobs!

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A lot of people already use the Internet to look for holidays. Websites offer cheap flights and other special offers. In the future, online travel services will become more sophisticated. Customers won’t only see pictures ot their holiday destination - they’ll go on a “virtual tour” of the resort. For example, they’ll “visit”the hotel on their computer screen and look around. Is there a swimming pool? Are there any tennis courts? Perhaps one day, people won’t go on holiday at all. They’ll stay at home and enjoy the experience of virtual travel!