Sydney has a population of 3,700,000. It is Australias’s largest and oldest city, and it is built around the harbour, named Port Jackson. Captain Cook called it this when he sailed to the area in 1770.

Sydney wasn’t planned from the start, as many later Australian cities were. It has a tight, congested centre without wide boulevars. but it is a very modern city, with the most energy and style of all Australian cities.

In Sydney, the buildings are higher, the colours are brighter and the nightlife more exciting. North of the harbour is more residential, and the south is more industrial. The two shores are joined by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was built in 1932. The city centre is south of the harbour.


Sydney’s most famous building, the Opera House, was opened in 1973. Designed in the 1950s by a young Danish architect, Joern Utzon, it is supposed to look like sails in the wind. It took 16 years to build.

The best place to go shopping is George Street and Pitt Street. The Post Office is on Martin Place.

The climate in New South Wales is generally warm, though it can get a little cold in winter. There are some of the best beaches in the world, notably Bondi Beach and Manly.

Tourist offices are open five days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(Text from New Headway English Course   -  OXFORD University Press)

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