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Sábado, 24 Abril 2010

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The Great Dune of Pyla

Lunes, 5 Abril 2010


          At 60km from Bordeaux, in the South of the Arcachon Bay, it is possible to visit the highest dune in Europe, the Great Dune of Pyla (or Pilat). This Great Dune is constituted of fine sand.       

         This dune reaches a height of 107m. At this summit, the view is spectacular with the ocean coast, the inlet of the Bay, the large pine forest and, when the sky is very clear, the Pyrenees Range.  


         Since about ten years, this area has also become a point of start to the lover of delta planes. The Great Dune of Pyla is located on the “La Teste de Buch” district (Gironde) and it is a national listed landscape.