Artículos de Junio 2010

Animals from Australia and New Zealand

Martes, 1 Junio 2010

The kiwi is a small brown flightless bird, with no wings or tail, and a long beak. It stands about 30cm high. It lives in the forests of New Zealand and eats insects and worms. 


The kakapo is a heavy yellow-green bird, measuring up to 60cm long. It has wings bur cannot fly. It lives on the forest floor in New Zealand, where it eats plants.     


The kea lives in the mountains of New Zealand. It is about 50cm long. It is green, with red under its wings. It has a sharp beak. It eats insects and worms, and sometimes meat. 


The wombat is a marsupial, closely related to the koala. Wombats live in Australia. They live in tunnels that they make with their sharp claws. Wombats eat grass and roots. They come out at night. They can’t see very well, but they have a good sense of smell. They can run fast – about 40kmh. The wombat weighs 30 kg. It lives for five years in the wild, or longer in captivity.