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Where do CORN FLAKES come from?

Miércoles, 1 Septiembre 2010


CORN FLAKES are an American invention. In 1894 Will Keith Kellogg and his brother Dr John Harvey Kellogg created oat flakes by accident while they were preparing bread at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. (Dr Kellogg was Superintendent there.) W.K. invented corn flakes four years later – in 1898. He called them “toasted corn flakes” because they were crisp baked flakes of corn. Dr Kellogg didn’t want to go into the corn flake business with him, so W.K. started the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake company alone in 1906. He used baked flakes of corn and malt flavouring in the original recipe, and it hasn’t really changed to this day. Nowadays Kellogg company produces more than 40 types of breakfast cereal in lots of interesting shapes and delicious flavours. Its US head office is still in Battle Creek. Today people in over 150 counties eat Kellogg’s cereals at breakfast time.


(Text from Link Up    -    OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS)