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Lunes, 29 Octubre 2012

Romania beyond Dracula

Lunes, 8 Octubre 2012



                        When it comes to Romania the world-wide opinions are very controversial, some people love it, same people hate it, some have never heard of it. The fact is that Romania is one of those countries without which the world would have a completely different face than the one we know today.

So, have you ever tried to picture a world without Romania?


·        To begin with, try to imagine writing your entire life with a pencil, not so convenient, is it? In case you didn’t know it – and I’m sure you didn’t- the fountain pen was invented by the Romanian professor named Petrache Poenaru – invention patterned by the French government in May 1827. Fountain pens soon replaced dip pens in the entire world.

·        Doctor Stefan Odobleja , another illustrious Romanian scientist is renowned as the father of  modern cybernetics.

·        Nicolae Paulescu, Romanian physiologist , invented   insulin a very much disregarded substance, only 50 years later after two Canadians received a Nobel for the same invention was Nicolae Paulescu’s  presence finally recognized and he was rightfully acknowledged as the true inventor of insulin.

·        As in the 21st century , TIME is the key word for solving everything , the jet plane invented by Henri Coandă  was one of the most revolutionary inventions ever.

·        Without a Romanian gymnast the computers wouldn’t have had the possibility to learn to display a perfect 10 , Nadia Comăneci got the first 10 in the history of Gymnastics in Montreal 1976.


·        Imagine Bram Stocker trying to find a plot in order to create he’s best seller and Hollywood searching for a vampire to put him on screen. For the image of Dracula, the world has  to thank Vlad Țepes, the Romanian medieval  ruler  who had the bad luck to become the blood thirsty demon of modern times.

·        Probably a long time may have passed until somebody would have thought of writing a complete History of Religions , Mircea Eliade was the first in the world to do it.

·        All around the world, nobody would have thought of mocking a serious matter like death natively creative, the Romanians have their own way of dealing with it by laughing in its face, we are the first nation to have a happy graveyard ( Cimitirul de la Săpânța) renowned for its storytelling funeral plates.

·        The history of art would have been many pages thinner without the contribution of such a great sculptor as Brîncuși , he did much to encourage the revival of carving , his sculptures are right now considered to be the work of a modern artist.


All these and more show how, along the years, Romania brought a great contribution to the world’s development so maybe next time you hear about Romania you’ll think twice before putting a label on it.

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